Video: Was Van den Driessche using motor in this race clip? Take a look

Posted on: February 1st, 2016

Van den Driessche’s missed pedal strokes on this Koppenbergcross cobbled climb didn’t seem to cost her, though the riders she was with were really labouring.


Femke Van den Driessche’s name may not have been a household one before a bike linked to her was found with a motor at the World Cyclocross Championships in Belgium at the weekend.

However, anybody who follows international cyclocross would have regarded her as a top rider and a woman on the up.

She underlined that when she won the U23 European title last month and the Belgian national title earlier this month.

And late last year she showed some great form in the run up to the Euros, nationals and Worlds when she finished runner-up in the brutal Koppenbergcross in November.

She was beaten on that occasion only by compatriot Jolien Verschueren in what was a field of huge quality.

But now looking back at footage of that race in the context of the motor being found on Saturday in Zolder, some moments look amiss.

If you view the section starting from 3:00, you’ll see her pull away from the break on a cobble climb; apparently with little effort and still in the saddle as the others look laboured.

And at 11:45, she misses a couple of pedal strokes as she fiddles with her gears. But it doesn’t seem to take too much from her momentum despite being on an incline at the time.

The rider has protested her innocence saying she would never cheat.

She claims the bike with the motor belonged to a friend and was mistaken by the mechanics for her bike and taken into the pits as a result.



Dodgy pedaling?