McDunphy, Hughes, Mullen, Stewart win at Irish Track Champs

Posted on: August 19th, 2018

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

Conn McDunphy on his way to the elite men’s individual pursuit title at the National Track Championships yesterday (All photos with many thanks to Paul Atkinson)


Pursuit and sprint titles won at Irish Track Champs


Hillary Hughes and Conn McDunphy have taken the individual sprint titles at the National Track Championships on the Sundrive Road velodrome in Dublin.

Hughes, a member of the talent team national team pursuit line-up that rode the recent European Championships, clocked a time of 3mins 54.75secs in the qualifiers.

In the silver medal position was Eileen Burns; last year’s winner from Ballymena RC recording a time of 3mins 56.18secs in qualifying.

And Mel Spath, the former national road race champion, claimed bronze riding for Arcane CT. She rode 4mins 1.75secs for the 3km qualifier.

All three went quicker in the medal ride-offs; Hughes (3:49.17) beating Burns (5:50.78) for gold. In the bronze medal ride Spath (3:58.35) saw off team mate Emma Desmond (4:07.36).

In the men’s event, McDunphy of Holdsworth Pro Racing won it well. He completed the 4km qualifiers in a time of 4mins 44.35secs.

Luke Smith (Viner-Caremark-Pactimo) was second fastest, in a time of 4:56.51. And Billy Crosbie off Sundrive Track Team was next in 4:56.90.

The medal rides were quicker; McDunphy (4:42.96) beating Smith (4:48.59) for gold. Crosbie won bronze in 4:51.45 from Darragh Zaidan (Arcane CT) in a time of 4:54.49.

In the women’s sprint flying 200 metre qualifier Eimer McMullan (Sundrive Track Team) was fastest in 12.18. She won silver last weekend in the keirin and gold in the team sprint.

The woman who beat her to the keirin title last week, Robyn Stewart (Billy Bisland Cycles), was second fastest in yesterday’s qualifier; in a time of 12.26.

Orla Walsh, who rode the team pursuit at the Europeans, was third fastest in the sprint qualifiers yesterday in a time of 12.54.

Stewart went on to face off against McMullan in the ride for gold and silver and won 2-0. Walsh would meet  Deirbhle Ivory (Team Torelli) in the contest for bronze and prevailed.

In the men’s sprint, Eoin Mullen (Sundrive Track Team) was fastest qualifying, in 10.90.

Eamonn Byrne (Black Line) was next in 12.26. They would meet later for gold and silver, Mullen winning 2-0.

In the qualifiers Michael Mulcahy of Newcastle West Knights was 6th, in 12.60.

However, he came through to the bronze medal ride off against David Swift of St Tiernan’s. Mulcahy won 2-1 to take the medal.


 Men’s Individual Pursuit, 4km

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

 Hillary Hughes turned up and showed why she’s in the national set-up; taking gold in the pursuit.

 Women’s Individual Pursuit, 3km

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

 Eoin Mullen beat Eamonn Byrne to the gold medal in the men’s sprint, with Michael Mulcahy taking bronze.

 Men’s Sprint

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

Robyn Stewart has been making great strides in recent years and she looked like the real deal on the way to the elite women’s sprint gold medal.

Women’s Sprint

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

The national champs podiums…

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

The women’s sprint was won by Robyn Stewart. She was bested in the qualifiers by Eimer McMullan. But in the final Stewart won 2-0. Orla Walsh was third in the 200m qualifier and came through to claim bronze.

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

The men’s pursuit; McDunphy winning from Smith and Crosbie.

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

In the women’s pursuit Hughes was the victor from Burns and Spath.

Pursuit sprint Irish Track Champs

Eoin Mullen won the sprint from Eamonn Byrne and Michael Mulcahy.