Wife writes to newspaper problem page over husband’s cycling obsession

Posted on: February 11th, 2019

A man’s new passion for cycling has proven too much for one woman. She has reached out for help, saying cycling has taken over her husband’s life and is now costing money.


A woman has contacted a newspaper problem page for advice about her husband’s new obsession with cycling, saying it’s driving her mad.

The unnamed correspondent has reached out to “TV’s Steph and Dom Parker” who publish a problem page in the Daily Mail.

She says her husband took early retirement last autumn aged 58 years. At the time she assumed it would mean they’d spend more time together.

However, soon after he stopped working, a friend of his invited him out cycling. The woman said she thought initially it would be good for him.

But that has not turned out to be the case, with cycling having taken over his life, not to mention the garage.

Cycling had turned into an obsession for him and, as his wife, she didn’t know what to do.

“At first he was going out for a couple of hours a week. Then four-hour rides. Now he’s out most Saturdays from 9am to 5pm,” she said of some pretty epic training.

“Then there’s the spending,” she continued. “Suddenly he needs a new saddle, bottle, sunglasses or bike. He’s taken over the garage.”

While she felt she should be happy for him that he’d found a new hobby, she was resentful and jealous of it.

Because of cycling, they hardly spent any time together. She was worried about him on the roads and would “rather he resolved his midlife crisis with a flashy car”.

In replying to problems, Steph and Dom each give their own advice; from a female and male perspective.

Steph tells the woman she should perhaps join her husband out cycling. But she would also need to prepare herself for the possibility she would not be welcome out on the bike.

She said it may be the case that some of the husband’s cycling buddies are spending so much time cycling to get away from their partners.

But if her joining the group doesn’t happen, at least she will have offered and shown support.

Ultimately, Steph advises the woman, she should get her own hobby; done at the same time and with the same enthusiasm as her husband.

Dom says the woman is acting like her husband has “a new mistress, but it’s just a bicycle”.

He suggests retirement can be hard and she should talk to her husband about what time they should share together.