David Walsh’s Lance Armstrong book to be made into movie; Chris O’Dowd to play Walsh

Posted on: October 18th, 2013

Irish actor Chris O’Dowd will play Irish journalist David Walsh in the screen adaptation of “Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong”



The bestselling book Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong by Irish sportswriter David Walsh is being made into a film, with actor Chris O’Dowd to play the reporter.

Filming began this week and the screenplay is based on Walsh’s book. The Sunday Times writer has also been lined up to work as a consultant on the project.

O’Dowd is best known for his work on TV in The IT Crowd and Moone Boy and also starred in the massive Hollywood film Bridesmaids.

Walsh said he was delighted O’Dowd had been lined up to play him on screen.

“I saw Chris O’Dowd in Bridesmaids and he was just fantastic and very likable. When people see him in it people will have a very false impression of me; he’ll make me seem like a decent human being,” he joked.

The actor Ben Foster is to play Armstrong. It is unclear if journalist Paul Kimmage will be depicted in the film. He did the lion’s share of the campaigning journalism on doping in cycling before being joined by Walsh.

The new film, which has not yet been named, is being directed by Stephen Frears.

It will follow Walsh’s relationship with Armstrong and will depict the American’s return from cancer and his seven Tour de France wins, his suing of Walsh and The Sunday Times, his comeback to the sport and is ultimate fall from grace.

It is unclear when the film will be released though the Armstrong documentary-style film – The Armstrong Lie – by Oscar winning director Alex Gibney is set for release in the US next month.




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