Gardai find 70 stolen bikes in one house being readied for export

Posted on: December 15th, 2015

As bike thefts soar, gardai have discovered a large quantity of stolen mounts at the back of a house being readied for movement in one batch.


Gardai have found an estimated 70 stolen bikes at the back of a house in Limerick in what they believe was a conspiracy to export shipments of bikes abroad.

The find was made in Limerick City and Garda officers told the local media when the haul was discovered it appeared the bikes were being readied to be shipped in one batch for sale in another location.

“All the wheels were taken off and there were cable ties attached to the frames,” Det Supt David Sheahan told the latest issue of the Limerick Leader newspaper.

“They were ready for movement. We noticed there had been a spike in bicycle thefts and were trying to establish where all these bikes were going.”

The Limerick Leader quoted other unnamed gardai who said they believed those who had stolen the bikes were selling them to a third party for shipment abroad, most likely to another country in Europe.

“It would seem that he has his own network on the Continent and has a lucrative market for the bikes he sends on,” said one of the sources quoted in the report.

“Some of the racing bikes would fetch large sums of money on the Continent.”

Trucks were seen arriving and departing the house in Castletroy where the find was made.

And while it was unclear exactly how gardai were informed of the suspicious activity, when a team of officers went to search the property they found the bikes in the back garden.

They were stored in the open, covered only with tarpaulin.

The local media reports suggest the bikes ranged from expensive racing machines to less valuable children’s bikes.

And while the locations of the thefts would not be known until more of the owners were reunited with the bikes, gardai believe many of the thefts took place around the University of Limerick.

Some of the recovered bikes have been reunited with their owners but gardai said they were still trying to trace the owners of the other machines.

One man has been arrested as part of the Garda operation.