Flood of complaints to RTE after ‘Late Late Show’ cyclists item

Posted on: March 14th, 2018

After the item on the Late Late Show about cyclists, the national broadcaster has received a huge number of complaints from cyclists and other members of the public.


Complaints to RTE after ‘Late Late Show’ cyclists item


More than 500 complaints have been received by RTE after an item on the Late Late Show about arrogant cyclists.

However, despite the huge number of people contacting the national broadcaster to complain, there has been no mention of an apology or even any follow-up action.

RTE presenter Maura Derrane and social media personality James Kavanagh generated a lot of criticism for their comments on cyclists on the show in January.

The pair were appearing on an item during which guests were asked what they wanted to “bin” in 2018.

Derrane said she liked cycling but was “really bothered” by cyclists riding three or four abreast.

However, having made that point Kavanagh joined the conversation and he and Derrane made comments are were pretty extraordinary.

Derrane said she was particularly annoyed when cyclists blocked cars by the way they were riding on country roads.

“Really there’s no need because; are you in competition with a car? You’re never going to be faster. And (cyclists do it) almost to piss people off; I know that.”



Kavanagh then took it up: “They’re like the farm animals,” he said cyclists riding several abreast.

“Sheep or cows or whatever; they don’t move. Cyclists are like that as well.”

Derrane then told Kavanagh to hush and said she believed cyclists riding in the way she described did so because of arrogance.

She then said she didn’t want to throw cyclists in the bin. Rather, “arrogant cyclists” should go in the bin for 2018.

Author Eoin Colfer chipped in and said some cyclists were using “fake baby carriers” in order that cyclists would give them more room.

Host Ryan Tubridy asked the audience what they thought and they voted overwhelmingly in agreement with Derrane to bin arrogant cyclists in 2018.

Cycling Ireland said the item represented “casual incitement of hatred” towards cyclists. Dublin Cycling Campaign described the segment as “casual cyclist hatred”.