With Videos: Mullen & Boylan dominate Track Champs; Ryan & Kiernan also take gold

Posted on: September 3rd, 2012

Eoin Mullen (Sundrive)

Eoin Mullen winds up the gear at the start of the Men’s Kilo. 


By Caroline Martinez

Eoin Mullen’s move from his home on the Aran Islands to the UCI’s scholarship programme in Switzerland has clearly been paying off, with his personal bests tumbling this year and his domestic season coming to a close at the weekend with two more national titles.

The 19-year-old who rides with Sundrive Track Team yesterday won the 1km TT national title to add to the sprint crown he had taken on Saturday on the first day of the championship meeting on the Eamon Ceannt track, Sundrive Rd, Dublin.

Last month when the first portion of the National Track Championships was held, Mullen took the keirin title and was also part of the victorious Sundrive Track Team line-up that lifted the team sprint title.

Yesterday he won the 1km individual TT with a time of 1:07:60. Terry Mackin (Banbridge) took silver with a time of 1:09:69 while John Lynch (Murphy Surveys Kilcullen) went home with the bronze in a time of 1:13:04.

In the women’s 500 metre TT yesterday, Lydia Boylan (Look Mum No Hands) broke the stadium record with a time of 39:41, making her the only rider to go under 40 seconds. Susie Mitchell (Sundrive Track Team) recorded a personal best with a time of 41:10 to take silver and Ailbhe Ivory (UCD) won bronze with a time of 42:35.

The last two sets of medals of the weekend were to be decided in the scratch races.

The women were off to a fast start with Orla Hendron (Orwell Wheelers) and Susie Mitchell (Sundrive Track Team) attacking from the gun.

Their heroic move was soon brought back by Saturday’s pursuit title winner Caroline Ryan (BGN Sports Management) and Lydia Boylan (Look Mum No Hands).

Ryan and Boylan then set off with a counter attack of their own, staying away for most of the race before being brought back by the chasing bunch.

It was Roisin Kennedy (Adamstown Racing Team) who began the last decisive move. She broke clear from the bunch with 3 kilometres to go and was quickly joined by Boylan and Ryan.

That duo then attacked each other one last time to pull clear and settle the title in a two-way gallop. Sprint specialist Boylan edged Ryan into the silver medal position, with Kennedy being rewarded for her aggression with the bronze.

British-based Boylan had a great weekend, not only taking the two national titles yesterday but also taking the sprint title on Saturday and a silver medal in the pursuit, in which Ryan was victorious.
Mark Kiernan (Murphy Surveys Kilcullen) won the men’s 20 kilometre scratch race, showing that he still has the class required to take a national crown despite being a veteran.

Kiernan worked from early in the race with team-mate Ciaran Steed, lapping the field. It was as they made contact again with the back of the bunch that Tim O’Regan (DID Dunboyne) decided to take matters into his own hands with a solo attack.

O’Regan kept a half-lap advantage on the bunch, crossing the finish line in third after Kiernan and Steed. Missing out on a podium placing, Eoin Mullen took fourth by winning the bunch sprint.

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See full results from the weekend below these videos:


All videos by Caroline Martinez







Sunday 2nd September

Men’s Kilo
1. Eoin Mullen (Sundrive) 1.07.60 (Gold)
2. Terry Mackin (Banbridge) 1.09.69 (Silver)
3. John Lynch (Kilcullen) 1.13.04 (Bronze)
4. Keith Meghan (Sundrive) 1.13.49
5. Jason Howick (Bray) 1.14.25
6. Eamonn Byrne (Garda) 1.16.87
7. Peter Bennett (North Down) 1.17.73
8. Enda Ryan (Kilcullen) 1.18.15
9. John Mernagh (Sundrive) 1.20.44
10 Brian Coonan (Naas) 1.23.38
11. Gwyn Ó Murchú (Sundrive) 1.25.26

Women’s 500m TT
1. Lydia Boylan (Look Mum No Hands) 39.41 (Gold)
2. Susie Mitchell (Sundrive) 41.10 (Silver)
3. Ailbhe Ivory (UCD) 42.35 (Bronze)
4. Orla Hendron (Orwell) 42.79
5. Geraldine Gill (Bohermeen) 44.32
6. Paula Murray (Lakeside) 46.83
7. Sonya O’Rourke (Sundrive) 46.89
8. Caroline Martinez (Sundrive) 47.92

Men’s Scratch
1. Mark Kiernan (Kilcullen) (Gold)
2. Ciaran Steed (Kilcullen) (Silver)
3. Tim O’Regan (DID Dunboyne) (Bronze)
4. Eoin Mullen (Sundrive)
5. Javan Nulty (DID Dunboyne)
6. Hugh Mulhearne (Iverk Produce Carrick)
7. Keith Meghan (Sundrive)
8. Fergus Whelan (Adamstown CT)

Women’s Scratch Race
1. Lydia Boylan (Look Mum No Hands) (Gold)
2. Caroline Ryan (BGN Sports Management) (Silver)
3. Roisin Kennedy (Adamstown) (Bronze)
4. Geraldine Gill (Bohermeen)
5. Rachael Withers (West Tyrone)
6. Orla Hendron (Orwell)
7. Susie Mitchell (Sundrive)
8. Paula Murray (Lakeside)


Saturday 1st September

Men’s Sprint (Flying 200 Qualifier)
Eoin Mullen (Sundrive) 10.92
Jason Howick (Bray) 11.93
Brendan Whelan (Adamstown) 12.10
Tony Mairs (Phoenix) 12.26
Eamonn Byrne (Garda) 12.35
Peter Bennett (North Down) 12.40
James Lattimore (Sth Dublin) 12.42
Paul Kennedy (Swords) 12.52
Colm O’Cuinneagain (Sundrive) 13.26
Ed O’Brien (Bray) 13.68
Brian Coonan (Naas) 14.55

Men’s Sprint Round 1
Eoin Mullen bt Paul Kennedy 1-0
Jason Howick bt James Lattimore 1-0
Peter Bennett bt Brendan Whelan 1-0
Eamonn Byrne bt Tony Mairs 1-0

Men’s Sprint Semi Final
Eoin Mullen bt Eamonn Byrne 2-0
Peter Bennett bt Jason Howick 2-1

Men’s Sprint Final (Gold / Silver)
Eoin Mullen bt Peter Bennett 2-0

Bronze Medal ride off
Eamonn Byrne bt Jason Howick 2-0


Women’s Sprint (Flying 200 Qualifier)
Lydia Boylan (Look Mum No Hands) 12.92
Ailbhe Ivory (UCD) 13.62
Susie Mitchell (Sundrive) 13.99
Orla Hendron (Orwell) 14.08
Roisin Kennedy (Adamstown) 14.67
Geraldine Gill (Bohermeen) 14.88
Caroline Martinez (Sundrive) 15.12
Paula Murray (Lakeside) 15.22
Tonya Moran (Unatt) 15.48
Milasand Michaud (Black Rose) 16.12

Sprint Round 1
Lydia Boylan bt Paula Murray 1-0
Ailbhe Ivory bt Caroline Martinez 1-0
Geraldine Gill bt Susie Mitchell 1-0
Orla Hendron bt Roisin Kennedy 1-0

Women’s Sprint Semi Final
Lydia Boylan bt Orla Hendron 2-0
Geraldine Gill bt Ailbhe Ivory 2-1

Women’s Sprint Final
Lydia Boylan bt Geraldine Gill 2-0

Bronze Medal Ride off
Orla Hendron bt Ailbhe Ivory 2-1


Men’s 4km Pursuit Qualifier
Hugh Mulhearne (Carrick) 4.55.86
John Lynch (Kilcullen) 5.02.85
Sean Curtis (Sundrive) 5.05.60
Javan Nulty (DID Dunboyne) 5.10.80
Greg Swinand (Usher IRC) 5.12.56
Brian O’Donnell (Black Rose) 5.14.84
Gareth Enright (Kilcullen) 5.18.77
Tim O’Regan (DID Dunboyne) 5.20.51
James Lattimore (Sth Dublin) 5.46.81
Ed O’Brien (Bray) 5.49.78
Gwyn Ó Murchú (Sundrive) 5.52.78
John Mernagh (Sundrive) 6.01.03
Brian Coonan (Naas) 6.17.30

Men’s Pursuit Final (Gold / Silver)
1. Hugh Mulhearne 5.00.52 (Gold)
2. John Lynch 5.03.26 (Silver)

Bronze Medal Ride off
3. Sean Curtis 5.06.43 (Bronze)
4. Javan Nulty 5.10.48


Women’s 3km Pursuit Qualifier
Caroline Ryan (BGN Sports Management) 4.05.69
Lydia Boylan (Look Mum No Hands) 4.05.69
Susie Mitchell (Sundrive) 4.17.56
Geraldine Gill (Bohermeen) 4.18.59
Roisin Kennedy (Adamstown) 4.19.93
Orla Hendron (Orwell) 4.22.75
Paula Murray (Lakeside) 4.38.53
Caroline Martinez (Sundrive) 4.42.72
Tonya Moran (unatt) 4.43.62
Ailbhe Ivory (UCD) 4.51.28

Women’s Pursuit Final
1. Caroline Ryan 3.51.91(Gold)
2. Lydia Boylan Caught (Silver)

Bronze Medal ride off
3. Susie Mitchell 4.16.34 (Bronze)
4. Geraldine Gill 4.19.54