Sherlock does it the hard way in Mullingar as Kelly gallops in for stage win

Posted on: July 1st, 2012

Robin Kelly takes the final stage ahead of in-form Chris O’Reilly


By Brian Canty

Ryan Sherlock (Cycleways CC) has won the Mullingar Two-Day for the second year in a row after this morning, Sunday, winning the 3.3 kilometre time-trial by over 20 seconds to next-placed David Walsh (Slaney CC).

He then limited his losses in the afternoon’s third and final stage – but boy did he do it the hard way.

The Monaghan man lost the ‘Kerry Group Rás Mumhan’ on the final day over the Easter weekend when he allowed a rival rider up the road — unbeknownst to himself. And today a similar incident played out.

DID Dunboyne duo Timmy O’Regan and Fiachra O’Mhuire were close to Sherlock on GC going into the final 110 kilometre stage around Mullingar this afternoon and though Sherlock was active himself, he allowed a dangerous break up the road that at one stage led by over three minutes.

Timmy O’Regan was in that break, along with Robin Kelly (Waterford Racing) and they were just two of several riders who would have challenged for custody of the yellow jersey.

But Sherlock was patient; he bided his time and crucially got some support in chasing down that break.

With 30 kilometres to go the gap began to dwindle below two minutes — but still enough to worry Sherlock.

By that stage he realised that if he was to win he would have to chase by himself — very similar to what happened over the Easter weekend only this time he was more fortunate.

“I knew if I could get the gap down to under a minute with 10km to go I’d have a good chance of winning because I’d be able to see the break up the road and those who were sitting on me would try to bridge across and I’d have been able to sit on them, then and we’d be all back together.”

But when a group of three up front broke away from a larger escape – and O’Regan was in that trio – the situation became grave for Sherlock as mere seconds separated them at the start of the stage.

Robin Kelly won the stage from Bohermeen rider Chris Reilly and O’Regan was next over the line five seconds behind.

Then the bunch came in, and Sherlock was in it. But he still wasn’t sure if he’d done enough.

A quick chat with those at the finish confirmed that those up front were merely seconds ahead on the line and he knew he’d done enough.

“It was a relief more than anything,” said Sherlock.

“I’ve been close time and again this year and it’s hard with everyone sitting on me. I had great legs all weekend but when you have everyone attacking you all day it’s impossible to go with every move. But thankfully I got some help from a bunch of guys and that was a massive help.”

The A3 race was won my Marcel Kock (Phoenix CC) who had just 14 seconds to spare over Paul Keogh (Bottecchia RC).

Keogh won the morning time trial but it wasn’t enough to deny Kock his day. Orwell Wheeler’s rider Barry Dunne put in a great ride to take this afternoon’s stage.

The A4 race was an even tighter affair with Cathal O’Gorman having a mere three seconds to spare over Ben Delaney and five seconds over Neil Butler. O’Gorman won courtesy of his opening day showing on Saturday evening. Roger Farrell took the final stage today with a comfortable win over

Colmán De Búrca who led in the bunch.

Mel Spath – wife of Ryan Sherlock claimed the women’s race by over 30 seconds when she stayed out of trouble on today’s final stage, which was won by Monica Marconi in a bunch sprint.



A1/A2 Stage 2 TT

  1. R Sherlock (CycleWays CC) 04’34.96″
  2. D Walsh (Slaney CC) @22.21″
  3. F O’Mhuire (DID Dunboyne) @23.54″
  4. R Kelly (Waterford Racing CC) @28.53″
  5. T O’Regan (DID Dunboyne) @28.67″
  6. D Bruton (DID Dunboyne) @28.72″


A1/A2 Stage 3 Results

  1. R Kelly (Waterford Racing Club) 2h52’46”
  2. C Reilly (Bohermeen CC) @s/t
  3. T O’Regan (DID Dunboyne) @05″
  4. A Crowley (DID Dunboyne) @21″
  5. D Bruton (DID Dunboyne) @ s/t
  6. D Walsh (Slaney CC) @ s/t


A1/A2 Final Overall GC

  1. R Sherlock (CycleWays CC) 6h26’02”
  2. T O’Regan (DID Dunboyne) @17″
  3. F O’Mhuire (DID Dunboyne) @24″
  4. R Kelly (Waterford RC) @01’42”
  5. S Baker (Usher IRC) s/t



A3 Stage 2 TT

  1. P Keogh (Bottecchia RC) 05’00.90″
  2. A Stanley (DCU) @05.36″
  3. E Downey (Orwell Wheelers) @10.19″
  4. K Johnston (Lakeland CC) @10.23″
  5. P Doherty (Lucan CRC) @14.41″
  6. M Kock (Phoenix CC) @14.56″


A3 Stage 3 result

  1. B Dunne (Orwell Wheelers) 2h13’15”
  2. G Hoareu (VC Eckwersheim) @s/t
  3. S Murray (Dungarvan CC) @s/t
  4. D O’Farrell (Garda CC Richies/Bikes) @s/t
  5. P Gerrard (Orwell Wheelers) @s/t
  6. A Engermann (St Tiernans) @s/t


A3 Final Overall GC

  1. M Kock (Phoenix CC) 5h03’46”
  2. P Keogh (Bottecchia RC) @14″
  3. E Downey (Orwell Wheelers) @16″
  4. A Stanley (DCU) @20″
  5. K Johnston (Lakeland CC) @25″
  6. P Doherty (Lucan CRC) @29″




A4 Road Stage Results

  1. R Farrell (Donamon Dynamos) 1h18’52”
  2. C Burke (Bohermeen CC) @03″
  3. P Smith (DCU) @ s/t
  4. R Lenehan (Lakeside Wheelers) @ s/t
  5. B McMorrow (Inisfree) @ s/t
  6. A Nevin (Lakeland CC) @ s/t


A4 Final Overall GC

  1. C O’Gorman Dublin Wheelers 3h19’29”
  2. B Delaney WexfordWhls @03″
  3. N Butler Marble City @05″
  4. E O’Mahoney Orwell Wheel @08″
  5. D Creighton Blanch Wheelies @11″
  6. K O’Connell Covey Wheelers = s/t




Women’s Stage 3

  1. M Marconi (Henry J lyons) 1h22’41”
  2. A Brice (Ireland Development) @20″
  3. A Dalton (Ireland Development) @ s/t
  4. G Gill (Bohermeen CC) @ s/t
  5. E Walsh (Dungarvan CC) @ s/t
  6. R Kennedy (ESB) @ s/t


Women’s Final Overall GC

  1. M Spath (CycleWays CC) 3h34’40”
  2. A Dalton (Ireland Development) @31″
  3. R Kennedy (ESB) @35″
  4. A Brice (Ireland Development) @38″
  5. E Walsh (Dungarvan CC) @40″
  6. G Gill (Bohermeen CC) @01’16”




O’Reilly takes second on A1/A2 stage – he’s surely on the cusp of a big win


Tim O’Regan drives it home for third in the cat A1/A2 race


Aidan Crowley takes the A1/A2 sprint for fourth


Yellow jersey Sherlock finishes in 11th just behind Slaney CC’s Frank Dunne


Cat 3 stage winner Barry Dunne of Orwell Wheelers


Gael Hoarau takes the cat 3 sprint for second in today’s stage


Cat 3 GC winner Marcel Kock of Phoenix CC