Video: Helicopter blows riders off bikes in Czech Republic race

Posted on: June 10th, 2019

Cyclists blown off bikes by helicopter at Czech Cup: Some of the riders got past the chopper but the downwind clearly got stronger and many had to stop and were blown off their bikes.

Every country has its problems in big road races; riders being sent the wrong way and races unexpectedly catching each other while using the same circuit are common issues.

One problem that we haven’t seen too much off is helicopters blowing riders off their bikes.

But that’s what happened at the Czech Cup road race yesterday in Olomouc; a chopper taking off just as the riders started causing chaos.

The front of the peloton managed to fight the downwind being created by the rotor blades.

However, as the gusts got stronger, other riders were blown to a stop and some were blown off their bikes.

Luckily the team cars were just behind so team staff could jump out and offer assistance. A couple of spectators also rushed in to ensure everyone got going again.

Hopefully next time the chopper crew will plan their take off and landing around the racing.

Last year at the Vuelta plastic crowd control barriers were blown across the road at a stage finish, the riders unhappy and sharing the footage online.

Helicopter Vs Cyclists in Czech Cup