Video: Chris Froome shoulders Fabio Aru hard after Tour incident

Posted on: July 9th, 2017

Chris Froome shoulders Fabio Aru

Yellow jersey Chris Froome made significant contact with Fabio Aru, just after Aru had attacked while Froome was having a mechanical problem.


Chris Froome shoulders Fabio Aru


Chris Froome (Team Sky) appears to barge Fabio Aru (Astana) in this clip, recorded immediately after a contentious incident involving the pair.

On today’s stage 9 of the Tour de France, Froome put his hand up in the select group to signal for his team car.

Riding up the Mont du Chat, the final climb of the stage, Aru sprang from behind Froome and attacked.

His dart off the front came immediately the yellow jersey’s hand went up to signal he had a mechanical problem.

Aru’s immediate attack resulted in suggestions he was taking advantage of Froome’s mishap.

The Italian put in a very strong dig, with Dan Martin (QuickStep) and Richie Porte (BMC Racing) eventually appearing to have a word with him to ease back.

Froome regained the group with the help of his team mates. But very soon after making it back on, he could be seen making significant shoulder contact with Aru.

It looked like he may be venting his annoyance with Aru. But both riders played down the incident after the stage.

Aru said he did not see Froome’s hand rise to signal a mechanical problem just before he attacked. And Froome said he was not aware of Aru’s attack as he was getting back on at the time.

“When I came back I had a bit of a wobble on one of the switchbacks,” Froome explained of his appearing to barge Aru.

“It was in no way a swipe at Aru for attacking or anything like that. I didn’t even know he had attacked.”

However, he added he would like to hear Aru’s explanation for the attack.

“We will have to see what Aru has to say about it. I’ll certainly ask him about it when I see him.”

Have a look at the clips below and see what you think yourself.


Froome and Aru “shoulder to shoulder”