Video: Close pass and oncoming lorry; Irish cyclist’s lucky escape

Posted on: August 10th, 2018

close pass cyclist driver

This video shows a close call on the roads where the margin for error was non-existent. The cyclist clearly got a serious fright.


Here’s a clip from the south east showing the kind of close pass incident the Government appears to be stepping away from tackling.

While Minister for Transport Shane Ross TD promised to introduce a close-pass law, that idea is being very much watered down.

But this video is just one of many examples that show why the legislation is so badly needed.

The cyclist is riding along a narrow road, with a large truck coming towards. The truck driver does nothing wrong here, it must be said.

But just as the truck has passed, a van driver squeezes by the cyclist. The driver clearly has to stay in lane for fear of hitting the oncoming truck.

However, rather than wait for a moment and then pass the cyclist, he goes for the gap between the truck and the bike rider.

And the result is a very close pass indeed; the van’s  wheels never coming close to crossing the white line to give the cyclist space.