“Tell kids I’ll see them in September” – One woman’s pre season checklist

Posted on: February 15th, 2016

When you’re about to start a new season you need to make a list and be really brutally honest with yourself (Photo: www.jimmymcelroy.com – follow Jimmy on Facebook and Twitter)


Now heading into her second season in the domestic peloton, Geraldine Powderly was a late comer to racing but she’s loving it.

Just days away from her first competitive outing of the year, she’s drawn up this check list for herself; including some very honest notes to self.

Riding in the colours of Tuam CC, her approach resembles the general election slogan of a certain political party from a few years back – “A lot done, more to do”.

She sounds like a rider who’s looking forward to the battles ahead.



One woman’s notes to self

1. One Racing License– √

2. Race Numbers–√

3. Safety Pins for Race numbers–√ In the magic drawer somewhere with all the other rubbish

4. Club Jersey– √

5. Racing Shoes- √

6. Shoe covers–√ Note to self: May need new ones, since there was a bit of rain over the winter!

7. Bike –√ Note to self: May need to clean it

8. Legs–√ Note to self: May need to shave them!

9. Good legs–√ Note to self: Not so sure

10. Great legs–Fail –Note to self: Must train harder!

11. Glasses–√– loads of pairs of glasses and all of them are crap. Note to self: Never spend more than 20 euro on glasses.

12. Muscles–√– Spent all winter eating chicken and eggs, I have muscles Note to self: Must straighten out my legs more at work and point to the muscles in my legs.

13. Reduce Body Fat before race– Fail—Note to self: Must start eating dust

14. Spare Wheel: –√ Note to self: Must remember to give it to the neutral service guy & not leave in the boot.

15. Puncture Repair kit–√ Note to self: Must learn how to change a puncture.

16. Repair Puncture–√ Note to self: Must ask my husband to fix the puncture from last Sunday: See step 15 for later in the year.

17. Remove mudguard from bike–√ Note to self: Now I look like a real racing cyclist, with black strip up the middle

18. Gels & Bars for race –√ Note to self: Must remember to open the bar before the race so as not to choke on it during the race!

19. Pack shorts, 3/4 lengths and full length leggings –√ Note to self: See step 8

20. Tell kids that I will see them in September –√ Note to self: Teenagers don’t care!!

Note to Self: I must remember to enjoy myself this season. I have spent all winter out in the rain and all those storms with those silly names, when people were sitting inside on the sofa I was out training trying to keep my heart rate in zone 2 in 125km winds and spin my legs. Role on 2016 and zone 5!