Punctures to chicken breasts; one witty woman’s first A4 season in numbers

Posted on: September 21st, 2015

A 39ish-year-old working mother sets out her first season in the domestic peloton in one witty and brutally honest set of numbers (Photo: www.jimmymcelroy.com – follow Jimmy on Facebook and Twitter)


Having started cycling for the first time three years ago and quickly progressed to sportives, Geraldine Powderly decided to give racing a go in 2015 and hasn’t looked back.

The 39ish-year-old working mother rides for Tuam CC.

And despite cursing the cycling lifestyle from the back of the bunch at least two million times since the first drop of the flag in mid March, she’s now a fully blown member of the Irish peloton.

In this witty and brutally honest dispatch she records all aspects of her season in numbers.


  • 972: My A4 race number for the year.
  • 8,000: The number of kilometres I have cycled since last October
  • 30: The number of races I did this year
  • 2: The number of times I didn’t start a race because of nerves
  • 8: The number of pounds in fat I lost this year.
  • 60: The amount gels & bars I ate this year.
  • 3: The number of ladies prizes I got this year.
  • 3: The number of punctures I got this year
  • 194: The max my heart rate I hit this year.
  • 41: The average speed in kilometres per hour on the Galway Bay race where I finished in the bunch!
  • 3: The time in hours I finished a 100km sportive in Ballinasloe; my fastest 100K to date.
  • 8: The distance in kilometres of my longest climb this year, in the Charleville Two Day.
  • 0: The amount of times I have been sick this year
  • 0: The amount of times I have been hungover this year!!!
  • 3: The number of weeks I am taking off the bike for a rest.
  • 1,000,000: The number of times I swore I would never cycle again!
  • 2,000,000: The number of swear words I used this year while going out the back of the bunch.
  • 3,000,000: The number of chicken & turkey breasts I ate this year
  • 4,000,000: The number of times my husband Karl took my bike on and off the roof rack.
  • Too many to count: The number of friends I have made this year from cycling.
  • Immeasurable: The amount of fun, excitement and satisfaction I have gotten from racing.