Alice Sharpe and Katharine Smyth absolutely dominate Omagh

Posted on: July 31st, 2017

Alice Sharpe Omagh Three Day


Alice Sharpe dominates Omagh Three Day



Alice Sharpe and Katharine Smyth proved to be a cut above the opposition at the Omagh Three Day at the weekend.

When the going got toughest, the two women shone through. And yesterday’s concluding stage was no different.

Sharpe (Phoenix CC) and Smyth (Team Madigan) went into the concluding 44 mile stage 1st and 2nd overall.

And following some defensive riding by Phoenix CC, Sharpe’s leader’s pink jersey wasn’t threatened.

On the final climb of the day she broke clear with Smyth. They would not be caught and had a gap of 46 seconds at the finish.

At the line Sharpe took the stage win; her third from the four stages fought out over the three-day event.


Alice Sharpe Omagh Three Day


She took stage 1 last Friday evening in a sprint for a breakaway group. On that occasion her team mate Claire McIlwaine was 2nd, with Smyth 3rd, all on the same time.

The following morning in the stage 2 TT McIlwaine was fastest, from Smyth and Sharpe.

That put McIlwaine into the race lead. However, in the Saturday afternoon stage 3 a two-rider escape of Sharpe and Smyth won the day.

They put 3:53 into the next rider home, Sinnead Oakes (De Ronde Van Cork). Sharpe won the stage with Smyth 2nd.

And that scenario was repeated yesterday, albeit with small time gaps.

In the end Sharpe took the overall victory by just 13 seconds from Smyth. McIlwaine rounded out the podium some 4:59 down.


July 28-30: Omagh Three Day

Stage 4: Omagh-Omagh (44.1 miles)

1 Sharpe,Alice Phoenix CC 2h11’37”
2 Symth,Katherine Team Madigan CC
3 Walsh,Orla Scott Orwell Wheelers @46″
4 McIlwaine,Claire Phoenix CC @ s/t
5 Oakes,Isobel Smugglers CC @ s/t
6 Oakes,Sinead De Ronde van Cork @52″
7 Wilkinson,Jane Bann Wheelers CC @ s/t
8 McKenna,Maeve Clogher Valley Wheele @ s/t
9 Rochford,Nessa De Ronde van Cork @02’46”
10 Stephens,Niamh TC Racing @ s/t
11 Frieband,Monica Scott Orwell Wheelers @ s/t
12 Mullarkey,Lorraine Scott Orwell Wheelers @ s/t
13 Bates,Jennifer TC Racing @04’25”
14 Golczak,Beata Arcane CC @ s/t
15 Rea,Julie Phoenix CC @ s/t
16 Earlie,Kate De Ronde van Cork @ s/t
17 Johnston,Ruth Bann Wheelers CC @ s/t
18 Kennedy,Roisin Arcane CC @ s/t
19 Madden,Deborah TC Racing @04’32”
20 Holmes,Jennifer Phoenix CC @06’08”
21 Glendinning,Deborah Spires CC @07’31”
22 McArdle,Ellie Square Wheels @ s/t
23 Lamont,Lisa Team Madigan CC @08’37”
24 Desmond,Orla TC Racing @17’33”
25 Armstrong,Katie TC Racing @37’33”


General Classification

1 Sharpe,Alice Phoenix CC 6h12’06”
2 Symth,Katherine Team Madigan CC @13″
3 McIlwaine,Claire Phoenix CC @04’59”
4 Walsh,Orla Scott Orwell Whe @05’33”
5 Oakes,Sinead De Ronde van Cor @07’50”
6 Wilkinson,Jane Bann Wheelers CC @07’58”
7 Oakes,Isobel Smugglers CC @08’03”
8 McKenna,Maeve Clogher Valley W @08’12”
9 Stephens,Niamh TC Racing @10’16”
10 Lamont,Lisa Team Madigan CC @15’24”
11 Rochford,Nessa De Ronde van Cor @15’26”
12 Earlie,Kate De Ronde van Cor @16’55”
13 Frieband,Monica Scott Orwell Whe @17’47”
14 Bates,Jennifer TC Racing @18’13”
15 Madden,Deborah TC Racing @18’33”
16 Johnston,Ruth Bann Wheelers CC @18’34”
17 Kennedy,Roisin Arcane CC @18’47”
18 Golczak,Beata Arcane CC = s/t
19 Rea,Julie Phoenix CC @18’54”
20 Mullarkey,Lorraine Scott Orwell Whe @19’39”
21 Holmes,Jennifer Phoenix CC @20’55”
22 Glendinning,Deborah Spires CC @37’40”
23 McArdle,Ellie Square Wheels @41’27”
24 Desmond,Orla TC Racing @43’46”
25 Armstrong,Katie TC Racing @1h36’50”


Points Competition

1 Sharpe,A PHO 45
2 Symth,K MAD 41
3 Walsh,O ORW 36