Video: Track official taken out by crashing riders at Cali World Cup

Posted on: February 20th, 2017

The official trackside got a very rude awakening when the riders crashed into him at high speed in Cali.


Felix English and Mark Downey may have come away from the Madison event at the UCI World Cup in Cali yesterday with a silver medal for Ireland, but not everyone’s race was as successful.

New Zealand was represented by two fantastic riders in multi world junior track champions Campbell Stewart and Tom Sexton.

However, while the young Kiwis were hopeful of a medal in the event, they came a cropper badly in the early stages.

During a changeover – where one of the riders takes a hand sling from his team mate – a Colombian rider got in the middle of the pair in black.

It saw the Colombian and one of the two New Zealand riders come crashing down onto the track, sliding off it and taking an official off his feet.

The official was standing trackside with his back to the riders and so didn’t see it coming, being sent flying off his feet.

Luckily everyone appeared to be in reasonable shape after the incident.

However, the official took the brunt of the impact on his head and back and looked a bit dazed, as the footage below reveals.


Luckily everyone got away with it!