Moran & Mullen win big; Sundrive & UCD break Irish records

Posted on: August 9th, 2016

Eamonn Byrne, Eoin Mullen and Ronan Sherman get their eyeballs-out effort started on their way to the national team sprint title (Photo with thanks to Arcane Cycling Team)


By Brian Canty

The team were the toast of the national track championships at Sundrive Road over the weekend as their men’s team pursuit squad shaved a whopping 13 seconds off the national outdoor record.

Recently crowned Suir Valley Three-Day champion Ian Richardson along with Terry O’Malley, Con Collis and Eoin Morton clocked a brilliant time of 4.40.446.

They were 11 seconds clear of their nearest challengers Sundrive Track Team; the silver medal winners clocking 4.51.256.

Rounding out the podium was the Castlebar CC team of Chris Troy, David Walshe, David Brennan and Karl Benson in 4.53.189.

The winners’ time was all the more impressive given one of their number, Morton, rode the event with a fractured elbow he sustained on the final stage of the Suir Valley six days earlier.


Sundrive Track Team’s Eimear Moran tops the Keirin podium from team mate Susie Mitchell and Orwell’s Emily Brick (Photo with thanks to Arcane Cycling Team)


There was another national outdoor record – of 44.94 – in the men’s team sprint event where Eoin Mullen, Ryan Sherman and Eamonn Byrne took gold for the Sundrive Track Team.

And taking silver was their ‘B’ squad of Oisín Hogan, Hugo Brennan and Keith Meghen in a time of 48.02.

The women’s equivalent was a cracking event with Susie Mitchell and Eimear Moran taking gold for the hosts, in 36.04.

Emily Brick and Orla Hendron won silver for the Scott Orwell Wheelers club, in a time of 37.69.

And increasing the Sundrive Track team’s medal haul were bronze medallists Sonya O’Rourke and Sofie Loscher, who clocked 39.04.

Eoin Mullen made it two golds from two events when he claimed the men’s Keirin competition from Eamonn Byrne while Moran defeated Mitchell in the women’s event.


Brendan Whelan and Darragh Zaidan put the hammer down for Arcane in the mean’s team sprint (Photo with thanks to Arcane Cycling Team)


Aug 6th-7th: National Track Championships

Sundrive Road, Dublin

Team Sprint, Team Pursuit & Keirin

Men’s Team Pursuit

1 UCD Cycling Club 4.40.446 (National Outdoor Record)

  • Con Collis, Eoin Morton, Terry O’Malley, Ian Richardson

2 Sundrive Track Team A 4.51.256

  • Hugo Brennan, Matthew McCullagh, Keith Meghen, Martin Rice

3 Castlebar Cycling Club 4.53.189

  • Karl Benson, David Brennan, Chris Troy, David Walshe

4 Murphy Surveys Kilcullen 4.56.261

  • John Lynch, David Peelo, Mark Kiernan, Gareth Enright

5 Sundrive Track Team B 4.59.276

  • Oisin Hogan, David Mullin, Thomas O’Brien, Dave Sherlock

6 Scott – Orwell Wheelers A 5.00.980

  • Daniel McElroy, Stephen McNally, Fionn Sheridan, David Swift

7 Black Rose Racing 5.03.275

  • Paul Crowe, Ian Inglis, Aidan Reade, Gary Sheehan

8 Scott – Orwell Wheelers B 5.20.484

  • Diarmuid   Collins, Conor Murnane, Sean Murnane, Dick O’Brien

9 Blarney Cycling Club 5.20.513

  • Michael Considine, Kieran Crean, Finbarr O Callaghan, Brendan O’Leary

10 Sundrive Track Team C 5.24.028

  • Billy Crosbie, Gerry Dollard, Christopher Hewings, Brian Phelan

DNF Arcane Cycling Team DNF

  • Andre Grennell, Brendan Whelan, Marc O Brien, Darragh Zaidan


Men’s Team Sprint

1 Sundrive Track Team A 44.94   (National Outdoor Record)

  • Eamonn Byrne, Eoin Mullen, Ronan Sherman

2 Sundrive Track Team B 48.02

  • Hugo Brennan, Oisin Hogan, Keith Meghen

3 Arcane Cycling Team A 48.31

  • Anthony Mairs, Michael Mulcahy, Liam Collins

4 Scott – Orwell Wheelers A 49.77

  • Stephen McNally, Fionn Sheridan, David Swift

5 Sundrive Track Team D 50.75

  • Colm Ó Cuinneagáin, Martin Rice, Dave Sherlock

6 Scott – Orwell Wheelers B 50.95

  • Conor Murnane, Sean Murnane, Daniel McElroy

7 Arcane Cycling Team B 51.06

  • Brendan Whelan, Darragh Zaidan, Kevin Whelan

8 Sundrive Track Team C 51.22

  • Keith Adams, Thomas  O’Brien, Robert Murphy

9 Black Rose Racing 51.99

  • Aidan Reade, Gary Sheehan, Malcolm Goggin

10 Bray Wheelers CC 52.83

  • Brian Harris, Maurice Dore, Ger Ivory

11 Sundrive Track Team F 52.93

  • Billy Crosbie, Gerry Dollard, David Mullin

12 Blarney Cycling Club 53.38

  • Finbarr O Callaghan, Michael Considine, Denis Forrest

13 Arcane Cycling Team C 54.60

  • Andre Grennell, Marc O Brien, Joe Grennell

14 Sundrive Track Team E 54.86

  • Christopher Hewings, Thomas Kabs, Brian Phelan

DSQ Castlebar Cycling Club

  • David Brennan, Chris Troy, David Walshe


Women’s Team Sprint

1 Sundrive Track Team A 36.04

  • Eimear Moran, Susie Mitchell

2 Scott – Orwell Wheelers A 37.69

  • Emily Brick, Orla Hendron

3 Sundrive Track Team B 39.04

  • Sofie Loscher, Sonya O’Rourke

4 Bray Wheelers CC 39.15

  • Deirbhle Ivory, Rebecca  Harris

5 Scott – Orwell Wheelers B 39.64

  • Naoise Sheridan, Orla Walsh

6 Sundrive Track Team C 40.90

  • Aisling Conlan, Deborah Madden

DSQ Sundrive Track Team D

  • Beatrice Kelly, Irene Yeriskin

DNS Arcane Cycling Team

  • Rachel Withers, Róisín Kennedy


Men’s Keirin (20 Entries)

Keirin Final 1-6

1 Eoin Mullen Sundrive Track Team
2 Eamonn Byrne Sundrive Track Team
3 Anthony Mairs Arcane Cycling Team
4 Hugo Brennan Sundrive Track Team
5 John Lynch Murphy Surveys Kilcullen
6 Darragh Zaidan Arcane Cycling Team

Keirin 7-12

7 Oisin Hogan Sundrive Track Team
8 Matthew McCullagh Sundrive Track Team
9 Fionn Sheridan Scott – Orwell Wheelers
10 Martin Rice Sundrive Track Team
11 Daniel McElroy Scott – Orwell Wheelers
12 Ronan Sherman Sundrive Track Team


Women’s Keirin (12 Entries)

Keirin Final 1-6

1 Eimear  Moran Sundrive Track Team
2 Susie Mitchell Sundrive Track Team
3 Emily Brick Scott – Orwell Wheelers
4 Orla Hendron Scott – Orwell Wheelers
5 Sofie Loscher Sundrive Track Team
6 Deirbhle Ivory Bray Wheelers CC

Keirin 7-12

Deborah Madden Sundrive Track Team
Róisín Kennedy Arcane Cycling Team
Irene Yeriskin Sundrive Track Team
Aisling Conlan Sundrive Track Team
DNF Rebecca  Harris Bray Wheelers CC
DNS Rachel Withers Arcane Cycling Team