Lynch goes down fighting after brave assault on world hour record

Posted on: October 11th, 2015

Colin Lynch punctured and crashed out of his world hour record bid but put up a great fight (Photo: Chris Keller-Jackson)


Colin Lynch went into his world hour record ride at Manchester Velodrome on Saturday full of hope that he would best the global maker in his paracycling class, only to be forced off the track before his time was up.

The paracycling track and road rider may have failed in his objective, but he left the stage having shown real grit and undoubtedly gaining an army of new fans.

The former two-time world champion put in a really good ride for just over 40 minutes, only to suffer a puncture as he departed the home straight for the bend at the top of the track.

Unable to stop immediately on his fixed wheel, the blow out destabilised his bike and sent him crashing to the boards as the crowd looked on.

Thankfully there were serious injuries, though the shock of crashing after such a hard effort and when fully committed mentally to the task was clear to see.

Lynch was helped up by a group trackside who rushed to his aid including Cycling Ireland coach Neil Delahaye and association president Denis Tuomey.

And after gathering himself and having his front wheel change, Lynch remounted and tried to get going again.

However, having been on world record pace up to that point he had lost valuable time due to the crash and had also injured his elbow; apparently unable to bear any weight on it in the tucked tri-bar position.

The world record in his MC2 paracycling class is 41.31km and was set in 1999 by Laurent Thirionet.

Lynch had ridden for exactly 42mins 5.31secs, had completed 29.25km and was 40.5 seconds up on world record pace.