Agony in Kazakhstan as Knight misses out on a medal by a whisker

Posted on: August 21st, 2015

Josie Knight has put in a tremendous performance at the Junior World Track Championships in Kazakhstan today but has missed out on a bronze medal by just 0.146 seconds. 


By Brian Canty

Josie Knight has missed out on a medal at the World Junior Track Championships in Kazakhstan by a meagre 0.146 of a second, the Dingle woman finishing fourth in the 2k Individual Pursuit.

In her favoured event, Knight was neck and neck with Kiwi rider Madeleine Park during the ride-off but she beaten by the width of a tyre in the end.

Knight was in the second of the 12 heats in qualifying this morning and her time of 2:26:631 was easily good enough to see off her Japanese opponent Yuya Hashimoto and in fact, had her top of the leaderboard for a spell.

But Park was first to beat Knight with a time .004 seconds faster while Poland’s Justyna Kaczkowska and Marion Borras made further improvements to secure the top two positions, leaving the Irish woman fourth.

That was enough to see Knight square off against Park in the last hour and unfortunately, she has come off second best.

Her time of 2:27:710 was only marginally slower than her qualifying time, but Park’s time of 2:27:564 saw her snatch the bronze medal.

Knight trailed at the halfway point by 0.056 but try as she might to get back on terms, she couldn’t reel in the flying Kiwi.

The aforementioned Justyna Kaczkowska took the gold from Marion Borras, 2:25:684 to 2:26:170.

Knight will hope for better tomorrow when she goes in the first three rounds of the Omnium and they start around 4.30am Irish time.

The remaining three rounds take place on Sunday, starting at 6.30am Irish time.