Zaidan and Boylan win gold medals at National Omnium Champs

Posted on: June 17th, 2019
Lydia Boylan on her way to her latest national title; claiming the omnium crown at the National Championships in Dublin at the weekend (Photo: Paul Atkinson)

Darragh Zaidan (Arcane CT) and Lydia Boylan (Torelli) have taken the Irish omnium titles, with the titles decided in Dublin at the weekend.

Boylan, the three-time Irish road race champion, was retaining the omnium crown she won last year.

For Zaidan, victory was perhaps a little sweeter; claiming gold after previously winning bronze and silver in the omnium championships.

Callum O’Toole (Scott Orwell) drew first blood in the men’s four-event championship when he claimed the scratch race from Andre Grennell (Arcane CT) and Zaidan.

Grennell then went in the lead in the men’s standings after the tempo race in which he was 2nd, with Sam Gilmore (Arcane CT) winning that.

However, while eventual champion Zaidan was only 4th in that event he then came back strong; winning the elimination race from team mate Grennell and Billy Crosbie (Sundrive Track Team).

And in the final event of the day, the points race, Zaidan also came out on top; winning it, against from Grennell and Crosbie.

That saw Zaidan take the title with a total of 178 points to silver winner Grennell’s 138 and bronze medal winner Crosbie on 135 points.

Zaidan has been banging out he medals on the track in recent years and collected another gold medal and champion’s jersey in the omnium championships

In the women’s race, Boylan dominated the proceedings, winning all four rounds and emerging the clear victor of the 2019 title.

In the scratch race Boylan was best from Orla Hendron (Scott-Orwell) and Jennifer Neenan (Sundrive Track Team).

The top three were the same on the tempo race, though their order was different; Boylan winning from Neenan and then Hendron.

The elimination race saw Boylan best again; this time from Claire Ní Reachtagáin (Sundrive Track Team) and Neenan.

And in the final round, while Boylan won again, Neenan got the better of Hendron in the final points race sprint to secure silver ahead of the for Masters world champion.

In the end Boylan collected 270 points, with Neenan and Hendron scoring the same – 129 points – but Neenan taking the silver medal on the basis of the final sprint.

The women’s National Omnium Championships 2019 final podium: Boylan took gold, Neenan silver and Hendron bronze (Photo: Paul Atkinson)
Top Men: Zaidan with gold – his third Irish title on the track – from Grennell with the silver and Crosbie in the bronze medal position (Photo: Paul Atkinson)

National Omnium Championships 2019

Éamonn Ceannt Velodrome, Sundrive Rd

Men’s Omnium

  1. Darragh Zaidan Arcane Cycling Team 178 points
  2. Andre Grennell Arcane Cycling Team 138
  3. Billy Crosbie Sundrive Track Team 135
  4. Callum O’Toole Scott Orwell Wheelers 115
  5. Sam Gilmore Arcane Cycling Team 115
  6. Matthew Mc Cullagh Sundrive Track Team 113
  7. Daniel McElroy Scott Orwell Wheelers 90
  8. Richard Grant Sundrive Track Team 60
  • DNF Thomas O’Brien Sundrive Track Team
  • DNS Ryan Byrne Arcane Cycling Team
  • DNS Fionn Sheridan Scott Orwell Wheelers
  • DNS Sean Mc Mahon Arcane Cycling Team

Women’s Omnium

  1. Lydia Boylan Torelli 270 points
  2. Jennifer Neenan Sundrive Track Team 129
  3. Orla Hendron Scott Orwell Wheelers 129
  4. Agnieszka Samsel Dublin Wheelers 113
  • DNF Claire Ní Reachtagáin Sundrive Track Team
  • DNS Anne Coleman Sundrive Track Team
  • DNS Ewa Marie Kuros Arcane Cycling Team
  • DNS Lyndsey Bryce Dublin Wheelers
  • DNS Róisín Kennedy Arcane Cycling Team