Video: Watch Sam Bennett beat QuickStep at their own game to win

Posted on: October 10th, 2018

Sam Bennett is back: He seemed to win this one, not quite at a canter; but very comfortably indeed.


Ireland’s Sam Bennnett played QuickStep at its own game today to win stage 2 of the Tour of Turkey.

He took advantage of the Belgian team’s lead-out superiority and simply latched onto the back of QuickStep train.

And once Bennett hit the afterburners and kicked for the line, there was only going to be one outcome.

Bora-hansgrohe worked well for Bennett today, when an early breakaway again had to be brought back.

In the finale it was Lukas Pöstlberger who set-up Bennett’s mugging of QuickStep’s train.

The Austrian was last man on the front for Bennett into the final kilometre. His pace ensured nobody could slip away late and steal victory.

And once Pöstlberger’s work was done, QuickStep were first and second wheel, with Bennett third man.

Today Álvaro José Hodeg was QuickStep’s protected sprinter. And when he came from behind his lead-out man, Bennett followed him.

The Irish waited a little before coming out from behind Hodeg and passing him to win after using QuickStep’s train perfectly for his own ends.

Yesterday Bennett tried to do the same on stage 1. But one of the QuickStep riders ahead of him, Maximiliano Richeze, managed to gain a few yards into the final corner.

His team mates let him go and eased back, with Bennett stranded and had to be content with 2nd place.

However, with Pöstlberger keeping the pace really high deep in the final kilometre today for Bennett, and with no late bend, there was no repeat of yesterday’s miss.

It was Bennett’s sixth win of the season, after three Giro stages wins and victory in Rund um Köln (1.1) and Race Melbourne.


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