Video: Sam Bennett channels his inner Sean Kelly to shoulder sprint rival

Posted on: October 11th, 2017

Video Sam Bennett shoulders rival in Turkey

Sometimes in sprints you have to throw the elbow or do a bit of shoulder barging. And Sam Bennett was forced to do exactly that just before he pounced for a second stage win in Turkey today.


Video Sam Bennett shoulders rival in Turkey


Schooled by Sean Kelly, the master of getting physical in bike races when needed, Sam Bennett wasn’t afraid to get stuck in today.

He emerged from the bunch sprint at the end of stage 2 of the Tour of Turkey with victory.

However, his path to his second win in as many days wasn’t exactly smooth all the way, as the video below reveals.

The 206km stage was very slow, taking just over six hours. And that was because the peloton was happy to leave two escapees out front until 10km to go.

Once the breakaway was caught, and because the stage had been relatively easy, there were plenty looking to have a go in the gallop.

That resulted in a battle between the sprint trains. And just before the finishing straight, when the fight was really on for the best wheel to take, Sam Bennett was coming under pressure.

He got involved in a scrap for the wheel in front with Manuel Belletti (Wilier Triestina-Selle Italia).

But to his credit, Bennett wasn’t going to be bullied. He kept his hands on the bars at all times as he bumped the other rider out of his way with a shoulder.

Some of movement in the clip below is Bennett doing a controlled shoulder barge. But some is also him simply trying to keep his balance.

Bennett then promptly fixed himself back on the task at hand to win.