Video: Lyttle and McElderry battle fiercely on North West final stage

Posted on: May 15th, 2017

Video: Lyttle and McElderry battle fiercely on North West final stage

 Video: Lyttle and McElderry battle fiercely on North West final stage

Robbie McElderry started the final stage in yellow, but he was in for a battle all the way to the line (Photo with many thanks to Davy Torrens)


Mark Lyttle took a fantastic victory on the final stage of the North West Three Day yesterday. But his bid for overall victory just came up short.

The Maryland Wheelers man looked to have put in a winner-takes-all ride.

But then the gap between his solo victory and the race leader Robbie McElderry was confirmed.

And the yellow jersey stayed on the shoulders of Bann Wheelers man McElderry.

He kept his race leade by just three seconds after Lyttle had taken flight and won the stage solo.

Lyttle took the stage by 41 seconds from Barry McKenna; the Newry Wheelers runner-up also finishing alone.

Another two seconds back came Mark Murray (SBR CC) in 3rd, followed by David Heaney (Maryland Wheelers) and McElderry; both at one second intervals.

That meant the gap between Lyttle and race leader McElderry was 39 seconds on the line. And for the stage win Lyttle got a time bonus of 10 seconds.

But McElderry’s determination in the end saw him just about sneak into the placings for time bonuses.

His 5th place on the stage was enough for a three second bonus, and that secured his overall victory.

It was a terrific end to what was an excellent addition to the domestic calendar.

Promoting club Foyle CC look like they have a tidy event on their hands for the A4 category going forward.

In the women’s category Sharon Bird (Edinburgh RC) won the final stage from Lorraine Mularkey (Emyvale), Lisa Lamont (Madigan CC) and Jennifer Bates (Clondalkin CC).

And that result saw Bird run out the overall winner.

In the main event, overall winner McElderry also took the climbers’ classification, from Odhran McKane (SBR CC).

McElderry claimed the points classification as well, with Robert Curry of the promoting club taking the combativity classification.


Sun, May 14th, Stage 4: Derry (87.7km)

1.  MarkLyttle MarylandWheelersCC 02:25:16
2.  BarryMckenna NewryWheelersCC +0:41
3.  MarkMurray SBRCC +0:43
4.  DavidHeaney MarylandWheelersCC +0:44
5.  RobbieMcelderry BannWheelersCC +0:45
6.  OdhranMckane SBRCC +0:47
7.  RobertCurry FoyleCC +0:48
8.  JohnMcgowan FoyleCC +0:48
9.  AndrewMcclintock FoyleCC +0:48
10.  MarkMckinney FoyleCC +0:48
11.  JohnQuigley SaddlerockCC +0:48
12.  SeamusMcgovern LakelandCC1 +0:48
13.  RodgerBrown RoeValleyCC +0:48
14.  PaulSlavin SBRCC +0:48
15.  StephenMulbery SBRCC +0:48
16.  RyanLyttle MarylandWheelersCC +0:48
17.  DarrenMurray Cadwell/Termon +0:48
18.  ThomasMccaul NewryWheelersCC +0:48
19.  OliverSloan NewryWheelersCC +0:48
20.  CameronMcfarland LakelandCC2 +0:53
21.  BrendanDoherty SaddlerockCC +0:55
22.  KennyBoylan LakelandCC1 +0:55
23.  KevinDoherty FourmastersCC +0:55
24.  FergusMccarry FourmastersCC +0:55
25.  RoryLoughran NewryWheelersCC +0:55
26.  NiallMcshane FoyleCC +0:55
27.  GarethKerrigan FourmastersCC +4:11
28.  GaryMullan NorthWestCC +4:23
29.  GlenMcdaid SBRCC2 +4:44
30.  DanielMullan RoeValleyCC +5:49

For full results of final stage and all classifications, follow this link


Final General Classification

1. Robbie Mcelderry Bann Wheelers CC 06:03:03
2. Mark Lyttle Maryland Wheelers CC +0:03
3. Rodger Brown Roe Valley CC +0:23
4. Ryan Lyttle Maryland Wheelers CC +0:36
5. Darren Murray Cadwell/Termon +0:41
6. David Heaney Maryland Wheelers CC +0:43
7. Barry Mckenna Newry Wheelers CC +0:44
8. Robert Curry Foyle CC +0:45
9. Kevin Doherty Fourmasters CC +0:46
10. Brendan Doherty Saddlerock CC +0:53
11. John Mcgowan Foyle CC +0:54
12. Oliver Sloan Newry Wheelers CC +1:03
13. Seamus Mcgovern Lakeland CC 1 +1:08
14. Odhran Mckane SBR CC +1:10
15. John Quigley Saddlerock CC +1:18
16. Rory Loughran Newry Wheelers CC +1:19
17. Thomas Mccaul Newry Wheelers CC +1:19
18. Mark Murray SBR CC +1:27
19. Paul Slavin SBR CC +1:30
20. Cameron Mcfarland Lakeland CC 2 +1:32
21. Andrew Mcclintock Foyle CC +1:48
22. Fergus Mccarry Fourmasters CC +1:53
23. Sharon Bird Edinburgh Road Club +2:07
24. Kenny Boylan Lakeland CC 1 +2:57
25. Stephen Mulbery SBR CC +3:05
26. Gary Mullan North West CC +4:41
27. Gareth Kerrigan Fourmasters CC +5:00
28. Andrew Meek Velo Café Magasin CC +6:45
29. Daniel Mullan Roe Valley CC +7:00
30. Brian Walsh Newry Wheelers CC +7:03