Teenager Creighton wins out in battle with Davis at Donard Park

Posted on: November 5th, 2018

In flying form of late, Thomas Creighton collects another victory. He was best in the Shimna Wheelers promotion in Newcastle (Photos by Toby Watson)


Having taken victory two weeks ago in Belfast and been 2nd to Glenn Kinning in Derry last weekend, Thomas Creighton came out on top at the Shimna Wheelers cyclocross yesterday.

The McConvey Cycles man, who claimed the Irish junior title at the end of last season, had just five seconds on Niall Davis on the line.

The small margin between the pair at the end of what was round 7 of the Ulster Cyclocross Series followed a very tight race throughout.

Creighton and Davis (Biking.ie) had gone head to head on the opening laps, with the younger man just about getting the upper hand in those early exchanges.

However, on the third lap of eight while trailing the eventual winner by a couple of seconds, Davis suffered a mishap.

He rolled a tub, and though he quickly got going again that would cost him about 10 seconds.

The two leaders were chased hard by Graham Boyd (McConvey Cycles), Lewis Ferguson (The Bike House) and Adam McGarr (Biking.ie).

However, the battle for victory was always between Davis and Creighton. And once that slip occurred for Davis on the third lap, Creighton never faltered.


Klaudia Bajolek (Scott-EuroCycles) wins, and earlier leading Lucy O’Donnell (O’Leary Stone Kanturk) in what was a very close run race.


He kept the pressure on during the fourth and fifth laps, during which the eventual winner and runner-up lapped on exactly the same time.

Davis came back into it a little on the final loop, though only after Thomas Creighton eased back and popped his celebratory wheelie.

Just five seconds separated them after 50 minutes of racing, with Boyd coming through for 3rd some 56 seconds down on Creighton.

Then came Ferguson and McGarr another seven and ten seconds back respectively.

In the women’s race, the battle at the front of the contest was even tighter. Klaudia Bajolek (Scott-EuroCycles) and Lucy O’Donnell (O’Leary Stone Kanturk) were glued to each other for the full race.

And as was the case with the men’s race, the battle between the leading two was followed by a gap back to the riders vying for the final step on the podium.

That was between Asia Bula (Scott-Eurocycles), Rachel Irvine (The Bike House CC) and Diane Wilson (Dromara CC).

Up front, Bajolek stole one second on O’Donnell on the opening lap and again on the second lap. And that was to be the difference between the pair through to the end.

They both rounded the final two laps, with the pressure on all the way, in the same time. And on the line, it was Bajolek who claimed it by two seconds from O’Donnell.

In the battle for the final spot on the podium, Bula was best. She claimed 3rd some 55 seconds down on the winner.

And 36 seconds later Irvine was 4th, with Wilson another 15 seconds back in 5th place.

The men’s B race was won by Mark Harney (Phoenix CC) by 56 seconds from Andy Layhe (Trail Demons CC) after five laps. Mark Gordon (Newry Wheelers CC) was 3rd, another 43 seconds down.


Sun, Nov 4: Round 7, Ulster Cyclocross Series

Donard Park, Newcastle

Promoted by Shimna Wheelers

Men’s A Race

  1. Thomas CREIGHTON McConvey Cycles 52:17
  2. Niall DAVIS Biking.ie 52:22
  3. Graham BOYD McConvey Cycles 53:13
  4. Lewis FERGUSON The Bike House CC 53:20
  5. Adam MCGARR Biking.ie 53:23
  6. Glenn KINNING Kinning Cycles 53:54
  7. Brendan DOHERTY VC Glendale 55:29
  8. Christian NACHTIGALL Phoenix CC 55:34
  9. Colm MCGARVEY EPIC MTB / Expert Cycles 55:43
  10. Kevin MCKINNEY Unattached 56:14
  11. Alan BINGHAM Newry Wheelers CC 56:24
  12. Sean FEATHERSTONE Newry Wheelers CC 56:31
  13. Peter MCCONVILLE Newry Wheelers CC 56:47
  14. Ciaran DIXON McConvey Cycles 56:53
  15. Barry CONVERY Newry Wheelers CC 57:01
  16. Mark MCKINLEY Newry Wheelers CC 57:16
  17. Andrew HICKS Newry Wheelers CC 57:21
  18. Colm QUINN Newry Wheelers CC 57:48
  19. JJ CONWAY Harps CC 57:49
  20. Johnny TAYLOR Carn Wheelers 58:14
  21. Drew MCKINLEY Newry Wheelers CC 58:26
  22. Richard MCCULLOUGH North Down CC 58:34
  23. Paul-Antoine HAGAN Team Vision Racing 58:39
  24. Sean MCCOURT VC Glendale 58:53
  25. Neil ARMSTRONG Dromara Cycling Club 58:55
  26. Pearse O’HAGAN Inspired Cycling 59:01
  27. James MCCOURT Island Wheelers 59:09
  28. Paul FERGUSON The Bike House CC 1:00:09
  29. Raymond ROCKS Island Wheelers 1:00:16
  30. Kyle FISHER Lakeland 1:00:42


Women’s Race

  1. Klaudia BAJOLEK Scott Eurocycles.com 42:44
  2. Lucy O’DONNELL (J) O’Leary Stone Kanturk 42:46
  3. Asia BULA Scott Eurocycles.com 43:39
  4. Rachel IRVINE The Bike House CC 44:15
  5. Diane WILSON Dromara Cycling Club 44:30
  6. Darcey HARKNESS (J) Carn Wheelers 45:50
  7. Stephanie ROCHE (J) Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 46:40
  8. Helen WHITE Stamullen RC 47:12
  9. Roisin SKEFFINGTON Square Wheels 48:33
  10. Alison MCMULLAN Unattached 49:18
  11. Ruth MCKEE Banbridge CC 50:10
  12. Emma CONVEY Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club 52:23
  13. Angie SMYTH Apollo Cycling Team 52:50
  14. Ellie MCARDLE Square Wheels 53:40
  15. Caroline MARTINEZ Inspired Cycling 54:44