Lucan’s John Caffrey takes Duane Delaney GP though Sundrive’s Hugo Brennan wins ‘A title’

Posted on: June 10th, 2014

Lucan CRC’s John Caffrey has taken overall victory at the Duane Delaney Memorial Track GP, with three wins and a second place in the four events at Sundrive Rd on Saturday. Seen here in recent road action at Mondello Park, Co Kildare (Photo: Amy-Norah Farrell)




John Caffrey has taken overall victory at the Duane Delaney Grand Prix on the Sundrive Rd velodrome in south Dublin.

The Lucan CRC rider competed in the second tier of three groups – A, B and C – during the racing on Saturday. His victory in three of the events contested and his runner-up slot in the fourth race gave him a 31 point tally.

That made him the clear winner in the B group and also overall.

In the A category things were more competitive with Hugo Brennan (Sundrive Track Team) coming out on top with 24 points, just two ahead of team mate Eamon Byrne, with Jason Howick of Bray Wheelers a further point adrift.

With Caffrey the winner in the B category, Paul Armstrong and Susie Mitchell were 2nd and 3rd respectively for Sundrive Track Team.

The C group on the day was won by Edward Kearns of Bray Wheelers from David Mullin and Richie Grant, both of whom ride for Sundrive Track Team.

The unique event is run on a points system accrued over four events. Riders are split into groups based on ability, similar to the Sundrive League.

The events contested include the flying 200m TT, kilo dash, scratch race, standing start 500m TT. Points are awarded in each event for the top eight, from 8 to 1 point.

And while riders only race against those in the same category, the overall winner is the rider from any category who claims the most points, making the event unique.



Duane Delaney Memorial Track Grand Prix

A Group

Name  Club/Team  Flying 200 TT Kilo  Dash Scratch 15 Laps Standing 500 TT Overall Result
Hugo Brennan Sundrive Track Team 11.94(8pt) 8pts 35.85(8pt) 24
Eamonn Byrne Sundrive Track Team 12.25(7pt) 8pts 36.62(7pt) 22
Jason Howick Bray Wheelers 12.53(6pt) 7pts 2pts 37.13(6pt) 21
Fionn Sheridan Orwell Wheelers 12.63(4pt) 7pts 5pts 37.34(5pt) 21
Adam Stenson Lucan CRC 12.85(2pt) 7pts 8pts 37.87(4pt) 21
Brendan Whelan Arcane Adamstown 12.92(1Pt) 6pts 7pts 38.97(1pt) 15
Barry Talt Murphy Survey 13.14 4pts 4pts 38.02(3pt) 11
John Lynch Murphy Survey 12.65(3pt) 6pts 3pts 38.42(2pt) 11
Tony Mairs Phoenix CC 12.54(5pt) 6pts 11
Ronan Sherman * Ballymoney CC 13.04 8pts 8
Darragh Zaidan Arcane Adamstown 13.29 3pts 6pts 6
Aidan Reade Black Rose Racing 13.88 5pts 1pt 6
Harry Brooks Bray Wheelers 13.21 5pts 5
David O’Brien UCD Cycling Team 13.35 5pts 5
Derek Stenson Lucan CRC 13.38 4pts 4
Murt Rice Sundrive Track Team 13.53 4pts 4
Matthew McCullagh Sundrive Track Team 13.57 3pts 3
Gwyn O’Murchu Sundrive Track Team 13.84 3pts 3
Fergus Whelan Arcane Adamstown 14.29 2pts 2

B Group

John Caffrey Lucan CRC 13.62(8pt) 8pts 8pts 39.63(7pt) 31
Paul Armstrong Sundrive Track Team 13.69(5pt) 8pts 7pts 39.16(8pt) 28
Susie Mitchell Sundrive Track Team 13.85(2pt) 5pts 6pts 40.85(4pt) 17
Joe Benson Sundrive Track Team 13.63(7pt) 7pts 41.04(2pt) 16
Mark Kiely Murphy Surveys 13.76(4pt) 6pts 40.69(5pt) 15
Dave Sherlock Sundrive Track Team 14.41 7pts 1pt 40.54(6pt) 14
Paul Swenarton North Down CC 13.64(6pt) 4pts 2pts 41.31(1pt) 13
Colman Burke Bohermeen CC 13.80(3pt) 4pts 5pts 41.95 12
Robert Murphy * Sundrive Track Team 13.88(1pt) 5pts 40.95(3pt) 9
Daniel McElroy Orwell Wheelers 14.20 2pts 4pts 6
Jack Rice Orwell Wheelers 14.20 3pts 3pts 6
John Mernagh Sundrive Track Team 14.36 6pts 6
Finian Kelly Sundrive Track Team 14.92 3pts 3
Sam Gilmore Bray Wheelers 14.81 1pt 1

C Group

Edward Kearns Bray Wheelers 14.29(5pt) 8 8 41.02(7pt) 28
David Mullin Sundrive Track Team 14.16(6pt) 8 7 41.05(6pt) 27
Richie Grant Sundrive Track Team 14.15(7pt) 7 6 41.90(4pt) 24
Ben Docherty Bray Wheelers 14.14(8pt) 5 2 40.69(8pt) 24
Derek King Ravens Cycling Club 14.34(4pt) 6 5 41.75(5pt) 20
Cian Short Un-attached 14.58(2pt) 7 42.37(3pt) 12
Gerry Dollard Sundrive Track Team 14.62(1pt) 6 4 45.29 11
David Walsh Sundrive Track Team 14.39(3pt) 3 3 9
James Whelan Swords Cycling Club 15.21 3 1 45.12(2pt) 6
Brian Coonan Naas Cycling Club 15.26 4 45.21(1pt) 5
Ronan Ryan Sundrive Track Team 14.91 5 5
Marc Farrelly St Tiernans CC 14.65 4 4
Jan Gabor Sundrive Track Team 15.40 2 2
Thomas Gabor Sundrive Track Team 15.46 2 2
Conor Halahan Sundrive Track Team 16.43 1 1


Sarah Gunn Sundrive Track Team 14.27(8pt) 7pts 6pts 40.28(8pt) 29
Rachel Kaye Mellor Orwell Wheelers 15.60(2pt) 8pts 8pts 42.88(7pt) 25
Naoise Sheridan Orwell Wheelers 14.73(7pt) 8pts 5pts 43.97(5pt) 25
Roisin Kennedy Arcane Adamstown 14.99(6pt) 6pts 7pts 46.22(1pt) 20
Natalie Grieve Sundrive Track Team 15.39(5pt) 7pts 3pts 44.15(4pt) 19
Aine McBride Sundrive Track Team 15.67(1pt) 6pts 4pts 43.90(6pt) 17
Theresa Heffernan Orwell Wheelers 15.40(4pt) 4pts 2pts 44.44(3pt) 13
Finola Lawlor Arcane Adamstown 15.47(3pt) 5pts 45.64(2pt) 10
Kayleigh Gibbons Sundrive Track Team 15.75 5pts 5
Deborah Madden Sundrive Track Team 16.24 4pts 1pt 5
Melisande Reade Black Reade Racing 16.47 3pts 3
Sonya O’Rourke Naas Cycling Club 17.23 3pts 3
Grainne Hanley Navan Road Club 16.84 2pts 2