Murphy, Burns press hard in Euros TT despite stress of puncture

Posted on: August 8th, 2018

Kelly Murphy Eileen Burns TT

Eileen Burns looks focussed riding flat out during the TT at the European Championships in Glasgow (All photos by Alex


Kelly Murphy, Eileen Burns press hard in Euros TT


By Graham Gillespie

Kelly Murphy and Eileen Burns have finished in 17th and 18th at the European TT Championships in Glasgow.

Both riders had rain to contend with on the technical course. And unfortunately Burns punctured during her ride.

She suffered a flat in the last 300 metres and had no option but to continue on the punctured wheel as the carbon crunch beneath her.

The 32.3km test was won by former world champion and reigned Dutch national champion Ellen Van Dijk in a time of 41:39. It was her third European TT title in as many years.

Her compatriot Anna Van Der Bruggen won silver, just two seconds down. And rounding out the podium was Trixi Worrack of Germany, at 1:09.

Ireland’s Kelly Murphy recorded a time of 45:14 while Eileen Burns did 45:17 in what was a 34-rider race.

Burns caught the first two riders off by the 10km mark. As a result, she was the first to finish and occupied the hot seat for a period.


Kelly Murphy Eileen Burns TT

Kelly Murphy Eileen Burns TT


“I had Kurt in my ear and his encouragement helped me to keep pushing,” Burns said of Kurt Bogaerts; the former An Post-Chainreaction manager who remains involved with Ireland.

“I wanted to be the first rider over the line. I know there was a girl a few behind me that actually won the Rás na mBan a few years ago.

“And I knew if anyone was going to catch me it’d be her. I’m just disappointed because coming in 300m to go I stood up to sprint and my back wheel blew.

“So I couldn’t go hard over the line because it was the disc wheel. And it would just have broken in bits. So I just had to come rolling over the line.

“The course is a bit of everything – it started to rain there. There’s a lot of draggy sections. There’s no dominant hill.

“It’s just constant work and as the time goes on it just takes it out of your legs and your body.”

Murphy said she was keen to get out on the course and give it everything.

“I just wanted to ride hard and I definitely did that. I lost the ability to see towards the end,” she said.

“It was a really testing sort of course and there’s no option but to get your head down and dig.

“The rain didn’t help matters really but it’s the same for everyone. It was a bit sketchy in places.

“But that makes it an interesting race. Hopefully today it would have made it quite an interesting watch.

Next up for Ireland come Eddie Dunbar in the men’s TT this afternoon. Dunbar is off at 1.03pm and Mullen, one of the big favourites, is off second last at 1.32pm.

He won bronze last year in this race and can hopefully medal again and maybe even win the title; an achievement he was well capable of.


Kelly Murphy Eileen Burns TT

Kelly Murphy Eileen Burns TT

Burns in the hotseat and Murphy looking like she’s ridden her legs off.