Full Results Junior Tour Stage 5: Race blows to pieces on uphill finish

Posted on: July 13th, 2019

Nathan Keown can hold his head up high. He may have lost yellow today but he is enjoying a great Junior Tour of Ireland and a terrific season right since the start of the campaign. His Team Ireland team mate Kevin McCambridge was unlucky today, just missing out on yellow and now sitting second overall to Nicolas Rivard of Hot Tubes. The US team won the stage with Magnus Sheffield and now also has the race lead with Rivard after riding brilliantly (Photo: Sean Rowe)

July 9-14: Junior Tour of Ireland

Stage 5: Ennis-Woodcock Hill (125.8km)

  1. Sheffield, Magnus Hot Tubes 1 2h50m57s
  2. Rivard, Nicolas Hot Tubes 1 2h51m51s @54s
  3. Stedman, Travis Greenmount CA
  4. McNeil, Aidan Swift 1
  5. Powell, Harrison BC Eastern
  6. Pidcock, Joe Fensham Howes Mas Design
  7. Chromy, Kyle Lux Sideshow
  8. Peatfield, Isaac Green Jersey
  9. McCambridge, Kevin Ireland @59s
  10. Kingston, Matt Fensham Howes Mas Design
  11. Klassen, Caleb Velosport 2
  12. Husted, Eli Hot Tubes 1 @1m04s
  13. Simmons, Colby Lux Sideshow @1m07s
  14. Spenkelink, Ian Hoppenbrouwers v
  15. Asker, Samuel BC Eastern
  16. Chapman, Milo BC Eastern @1m13s
  17. Smith, Mark Verge @1m16s
  18. Carter, Nick Hot Tubes 1 @1m18s
  19. Wordsworth, James Fensham Howes Mas Design @1m20s
  20. Barnes, Dan Fensham Howes Mas Design @1m22s

General Classification

  1. Rivard, Nicolas Hot Tubes 1 10h58m54s 
  2.  McCambridge, Kevin Ireland @6s 
  3. Stedman, Travis Greenmount CA @8s 
  4. Chromy, Kyle Lux Sideshow @12s
  5. Sheffield, Magnus Hot Tubes 1@23s 
  6. Simmons, Colby Lux Sideshow @25s
  7. Wilson, Joe Green Jersey @36s
  8. Keown, Nathan Ireland @43s 
  9. Wray, Blake Velosport @46s
  10. Pounder, Alastair Arapahoe/Hincapie @1m00s
  11.  Page, Charlie Green Jersey @1m04s 
  12. Peatfield, Isaac Green Jersey @1m31s 
  13. Pidcock, Joe Fensham Howes Mas Design @1m33s
  14. Kingston, Matt Fensham Howes Mas Design @1m42s
  15. Spenkelink, Ian Hoppenbrouwers @1m50s
  16. Asker, Samuel BC Eastern @2m00s 
  17. Smith, Mark Verge @2m03s
  18. Scott, Jared Lux Sideshow @2m56s
  19. Husted, Eli Hot Tubes 1 @3m45s
  20. Powell, Harrison BC Eastern @3m52s

For full results from stage 5 and all the classifications please follow this link.

Nicolas Rivard of Hot Tubes sprints in for 2nd atop the climb today and takes the yellow jersey in the process (Photo: Sean Rowe)
Kevin McCambridge did all he could to take the yellow but he just came up short in the end, coming up against some really strong US riders (Photo: Sean Rowe)
Magnus Sheffield was absolutely brilliant today; spending the day up the road, forging clear alone and the monstering the final climb for a great stage win (Photo: Sean Rowe)