Neil Hodges wins Charleville Two Day by one second at the death

Posted on: September 2nd, 2018

The sprint that won the stage and won and lost the yellow jersey. Canty wins stage 3 in Charleville as Hodges looks back to check the gap to Shanahan. That gap between 2nd and 3rd on the stage was enough to win the overall A2-A3 final yellow jersey by one second (Photo: Sean Rowe)


Neil Hodges of O’Leary Stone Kanturk has taken the overall A2-A3 title at the Charleville Two Day, with Jeremy Canty of Bandon CC winning the final stage.

Canty would take the stage 3 victory on Sunday afternoon by two seconds from Hodges. Tom Shanahan (Limerick CC) was next, in 3rd place another two seconds back.

And then crucially came a gap of 38 seconds to the next men home; Danny McDonald of Burren CC leading in a pack to take 4th place.

That left Hodges the overall winner, but just one second, from Shanahan with the race going right down to the wire.

A bout of cramps on the stage 3 run-in came at the worst possible time for Shanahan with the yellow jersey at stake.

The A2-A3 riders had faced an 86.2km road race stage 1 on Saturday. And stage 2 on Sunday morning was a 6.1km TT.

A breakaway had stolen a march on the opening stage. And there were further time gaps in the test on Sunday morning.

But it was the gaps between the top three men, and back to the bunch, on the last stage that saw the final yellow jersey won and lost.


Liam Buckley wins stage 3 of the A4 race after also winning stage Saturday’s opener in a bunch sprint. But stage 2 TT winner Sean Buckley is in this 21-man group and he retained his yellow jersey to claim the overall A4 race title in Charleville.


After the Sunday morning test, Saturday’s stage 1 winner Arminas Meskauskas (Collins Cycle Centre) who was still in yellow.

He had won that opening stage by 14 seconds from a group of four with the bunch a further 10 seconds back.

But after the TT his lead was trimmed back to just six seconds with the afternoon road race stage 3 remaining.

He held the lead going into that final stage from Shane O’Connell, an international rower competing in cycling with Blarney CC as he returns from injury.

And in 3rd place overall was the winner of the morning time trial Eoin Woods (North Tipp) at 17 seconds.

Conor Halvey of NRPT-Chill Insurance was next in the overall standings after the stage 2 TT, some 18 seconds off the leader.

The eventual race winner Hodges was in 17th place, some 38 seconds off the yellow jersey.

However, when he managed to put so much time into the bunch, and also Shanahan, on stage 3 he took the title.

Hodges was 2nd over the line on stage 3 just two seconds clear of Shanahan in 3rd; enough to win the overall by one second from the Limerick veteran.

The A4 race ran on a different format; with a stage 1 road race and stage 2 TT held on Saturday.

That just left Sunday’s stage 3 road race for the A4 riders. And going into that last stage it was Sean Buckley who had the yellow jersey.

Unlike his team mate Meskauskas in the A2-A3 race, Buckley kept his race lead on stage 3 on Sunday and ran out the overall winner of the A4 event.

The opening A4 race stage on Saturday was won by Liam Buckley of Newcastle West CC in a bunch sprint.

His namesake and eventual race winner Sean Buckley then won the Saturday afternoon stage TT over the 6.2km course.

He took the test victory and race lead by eight seconds from Shane Kelly and Newcastle West. Paul Noble of Wexford Wheelers was next followed by stage 1 winner Liam Buckley.

And when Sunday’s stage 3 came down to a sprint from a group of 21 riders, there was no change at the top of the overall, though some of other placings close to the top did change.

Stage 1 winner Liam Buckley took his second stage win in claiming stage 3 from Daniel Ronan (North Tipp) and Brendan Dolan (Drogheda Wheelers).

Yellow jersey Sean Buckley finished 7th on the same time as the winner.

The composition of the 21-man front group saw Sean Buckley win overall from Liam Buckley. And Sean Allis from Clonakilty was 3rd overall

Shane Kelly from Newcastle West and Paul Noble dropped out of the final top three – after being 2nd and 3rd overall going into the last stage – when they failed to make the stage 3 lead group of 21.

  • Apologies for the lack of full results. We have posted the top 20 for each stage and top 30 overall for both races. The results were not available in a format that allowed the full results to be posted without spending hours re-formatting. However, the full results are available on the Charleville Wheelers Facebook page.


Sept 1-2: Charleville Two Day

Promoted by Charleville Wheelers

Charleville, Co Cork

Charleville Two Day A2-A3 Race

Stage 2 Stage (6.1kmTT)

  1. Woods,Eoin NTW North Tipp Whee 08’14.81″
  2. Halvey,Conor NRP NRPT @.25″
  3. O’Connell,Shane BLB Blarney CC B @03.80″
  4. Meade,Barry KAN O’Leary Stone K @04.30″
  5. Meakauskas,Arminas CCC Collins Cycle C @07.59″
  6. Lynch,Daniel KAN O’Leary Stone K @08.66″
  7. Wade,Aaron BRR BlackRose Racin @11.63″
  8. Murphy,Ciaran MCV Team Gerry McVe @12.34″
  9. Talumaa,Tilt TIE St Tiernans CC @13.27″
  10. Simpson,Jurgen NEN Nenagh B @13.81″
  11. Murphy,Stephen BRR BlackRose Racin @14.14″
  12. McNay,Cannice NCA NCW A @14.72″
  13. Lockhart,Dean CAR Carn Wheelers @14.99″
  14. Gribbons,Richard MCV Team Gerry McVe @17.66″
  15. Dwyer,Fionn CCC Collins Cycle C @17.79″
  16. Butler,John CRN CRNS A @19.29″
  17. Lapierre,Don BLA Blarney CC A @20.02″
  18. Shanahan,Tom LIM Limerick CC A @20.74″
  19. Maloney,Declan SRR The Sports Room @21.37″
  20. Hodges,Neil OLB O’Leary Stone K @21.82″


Stage 3 (91.2km)

  1. Canty,Jeremy BAA Bandon CC A 2h21’44”
  2. Hodges,Neil OLB O’Leary Stone Kanturk @02″
  3. Shanahan,Tom LIM Limerick CC A @04″
  4. McDonald,Danny BUB Burren B @42″
  5. Murphy,Stephen BRR BlackRose Racing
  6. Kennedy,Matthew NEN Nenagh B
  7. McNamara,Ronan BRR BlackRose Racing
  8. Pryce,Tony CAV Team Cavan Racing A
  9. Murphy,Albert DOL Dolmen CC A
  10. McNay,Cannice NCA NCW A
  11. Clarke,Liam UCD UCD CC A
  12. Garcia,Manual Fontai ORW Scott Orwell A
  13. Frawley,Cillian GRB Greenmount CA B
  14. Sexton,Rory CRN CRNS A
  15. English,Bernard ORW Scott Orwell A
  16. Halvey,Conor NRP NRPT
  17. Connell,Aidan DUN Dungarvan Cycling Clu
  18. Lockhart,Dean CAR Carn Wheelers A
  19. Wade,Aaron BRR BlackRose Racing
  20. Moran,Joseph COV Westport Covey Wheelers


A2-A3 Final General Classification

  1. Hodges,Neil J O’Leary Stone Ka 4h34’19”
  2. Shanahan,Tom 2 Limerick CC @1”
  3. Halvey,Conor J NRPT @19″
  4. Wade,Aaron J BlackRose Racing @30″
  5. Murphy,Stephen 2 BlackRose Racing @32″
  6. McNay,Cannice 2 NCW A @33″
  7. Lockhart,Dean 2 Carn Wheelers A
  8. Connell,Aidan 2 Dungarvan Cyclin @45″
  9. Luke,Joel 2 UCD CC A @46″
  10. Moran,Joseph 2 Westport Covey W @48″
  11. Kennedy,Matthew 2 Nenagh B @49″
  12. Grimes,Ronan 2 Scott Orwell A @50″
  13. Talty,Brendan 2 Burren CC A @52″
  14. English,Bernard 2 Scott Orwell A @55″
  15. Garcia,Manual Fontai 2 Scott Orwell A @01’01”
  16. Farrell,Conor J Lakeside Wheeler @01’08”
  17. McDonald,Danny J Burren B @01’09”
  18. Pryce,Tony 3 Team Cavan Racin @01’15”
  19. Frawley,Cillian J Greenmount CA B @01’17”
  20. Clarke,Liam 2 UCD CC A @01’18”
  21. Smailes,Cian 3 N-Fuse Identity @01’26”
  22. McNamara,Martin 3 Lucan CRC A @01’27”
  23. Namara,Ronan 2 BlackRose Racing @01’33”
  24. O’Connell,Shane 3 Blarney CC B @03’21”
  25. Meade,Barry 3 O’Leary Stone Ka @03’36”
  26. O’Connor,James 2 Greenmount CA A @03’47”
  27. Sparrow,Alex J Bandon CC B @03’54”
  28. O’Connor,Tom J O’Leary Stone Ka @04’18”
  29. Murray,Enda 3 Burren B @04’20”
  30. Skehan,James 3 Nenagh B @04’25”


Team General Classification

  1. BlackRose 13h45’29”
  2. Scott Orw @ 11″
  3. UCD CC A @ 06’21”
  4. Burren B @ 09’01”
  5. Nenagh B @ 09’33”
  6. Dolmen CC @ 09’45”
  7. Lucan CRC @ 12’06”
  8. O’Leary S @ 13’50”
  9. CRNS B @ 15’54”
  10. Limerick @ 18’23”
  11. O’Leary S @ 19’46”
  12. Bandon CC @ 19’48”
  13. CRNS C @ 37’02”
  14. Team Cava @ 38’37”
  15. Blarney C @ 42’16”
  16. CRNS A @ 45’15”
  17. NCW B @ 48’07”
  18. Greenmoun @ 50’33”
  19. Burren CC @ 55’42”
  20. Limerick @ 1h02’38”


Charleville Two Day A4 Race

Stage 3 (91.2km)

  1. Buckley,Liam NCW NCW A 2h36’52”
  2. Ronan,Daniel TIP North Tipperary Wheel
  3. Dolan,Brendan DRO Drogheda Wheelers B
  4. Coakley,Robert WES Westport Covey Whls
  5. Greal,Eoin CAS Castlebar CC
  6. Scannell,David RON De Ronda Van Cork B
  7. Buckley,Sean COL Collins Cycle Centre
  8. Benson,James BUA Burren CC A
  9. O’Brien,Andy DRO Drogheda Wheelers B
  10. Hannan,Paul RON De Ronda Van Cork
  11. Diehl,Terence DRA Drogheda Wheelers A
  12. Quilligan,James GRE Greenmount CA A
  13. Murphy,Billy KIL Killmallock CC
  14. Teskey,Nathan Jun NCW NCW A
  15. Daffy,Michael DOL Dolmen CC
  16. Szarkowicz,Seb RON De Ronda Van Cork B
  17. O’Sullivan,Denis RON De Ronda Van Cork B
  18. McCormack,Liam COL Collins Cycle Centre
  19. O’Connor,Liam ACM Acme CC
  20. Allis,Sean CLO Clonakilty CC


A4 Final General Classification

  1. Buckley,Sean COL Collins Cycle Ce 5h02’59”
  2. Buckley,Liam NCW NCW A @02″
  3. Allis,Sean CLO Clonakilty CC @13″
  4. McCormack,Liam COL Collins Cycle Ce @17″
  5. Scannell,David RON De Ronda Van Cor @18″
  6. O’Connor,Liam ACM Acme CC @31″
  7. McGreal,Eoin CAS Castlebar CC @33″
  8. Hannan,Paul RON De Ronda Van Cor @38″
  9. Benson,James BUA Burren CC A @42″
  10. Ronan,Daniel TIP North Tipperary @45″
  11. Dolan,Brendan DRO Drogheda Wheeler @47″
  12. Coakley,Robert WES Westport Covey W @53″
  13. Diehl,Terence DRA Drogheda Wheeler @01’01”
  14. O’Sullivan,Jerry BLA Blarney CC @01’02”
  15. Murphy,Billy KIL Killmallock CC @01’04”
  16. O’Brien,Andy DRO Drogheda Wheeler
  17. Teskey,Nathan Jun NCW NCW A @01’06”
  18. Szarkowicz,Seb RON De Ronda Van Cor @01’07”
  19. O’Sullivan,Denis RON De Ronda Van Cor @01’11”
  20. Daffy,Michael DOL Dolmen CC @01’12”
  21. Quilligan,James GRE Greenmount CA A @01’28”
  22. Kelly,Shane NCW NCW A @02’16”
  23. Noble,Paul WEX Wexford Wheelers @03’09”
  24. Crowe,Michael TIP North Tipperary @03’22”
  25. Flanagan,Neil DRA Drogheda Wheeler @03’37”
  26. Cummins,Sean COL Collins Cycle Ce @03’42”
  27. Keogh,Brendan GAL Galway Bay CC @04’37”
  28. Breen,Pat TIP Tipp Wheelers @05’05”
  29. Keane,Tony ACC Ardee Cycling Cl @05’12”
  30. Fagan,Declan LIM Limerick CC @05’17”


Team General Classification

  1. De Ronda 15h11’33”
  2. NCW A @ 35″
  3. Drogheda @ 04’37”
  4. North Tip @ 06’50”
  5. Drogheda @ 12’10”
  6. Team Cava @ 29’02”