‘Sports Room’ win elite Irish team pursuit champs with juniors

Posted on: August 12th, 2018

Eoin Mullen (Sundrive Track Team) takes gold in the men’s keirin from Harvey Barnes (East Tyrone Cycling Club) and Eamonn Byrne (Black Line) in the men’s event (All photos with thanks to Paul Atkinson)


The elite national team and keirin champions were decided on the Sundrive Velodrome in Dublin on Saturday, when six Irish track titles were up for grabs.

In the men’s team pursuit, the winning line-up from Sports Room Racing featured two first-year juniors.

In the women’s team sprint event, Susie Mitchell and newcomer Eimer McMullan of the Sundrive Track Team took gold in a time of 35.43 seconds. That was just two tenths of a second shy of the national record.

Taking silver was the Team Torelli duo Derbhile Ivory and Autumn Collins in a time of 36.39. Jenny Neenan and Sofie Loscher from Sundrive won the bronze in 38.13.


Top down: Sundrive Track Team of Deborah Madden, Jennifer Neenan, Sofie Losher and Susie Mitchell win gold in the women’s team pursuit. Cian Keogh, David O’Sullivan, Mark Smith and Sean Murnane of The Sports Room Racing winning the men’s team pursuit.


In the men’s event the winning team was a real mix of youth and experience; some 30 years in the age range between the oldest and youngest of the winning trio – the young Harvey Barnes and the evergreen Liam Collins.

They were competing with the Irish sprint champion from last year, Tony Mairs, in the colours of East Tyrone CC.

And they won the title in a time of 47.01. Taking silver, in a time of 50.20, was the Sundrive trio of Robert Murphy, John Caffrey and Oisin Hogan.

The bronze medal went to Scott Orwell men Eddie Lynch, Fionn Sheridan and Valdis Andersons in a time of 51.11.

In the women’s team pursuit, two selections broke the outdoor national record.

Arcane’s Mel Spath, Grace Irvine, Emma Desmond and Gill Haverty clocked 5.21.63, a new outdoor record. But they would have to settle for silver.

Up after them was last year’s silver medal winners Sundrive Track Team. Sofie Loscher, Susie Mitchell, Deborah Madden and Jenny Neenan clocked 5.20.89 yesterday.

That beat the new record set just minutes earlier and was enough for them to take the record by seven tenths of a second.


Top down: Robyn Stewart (Billy Bisland Cycles) leads home Sundrive’s Eimer McMullan and Sophie Losher in the women’s keirin. Susie Mitchell and Eimer McMullan starting out on their quest for gold for Sundrive. Harvey Barnes and Tony Mairs – men two and three for East Tyrone, with Liam Collins having just celebrated his 50th birthday taking the first half lap, and gold.


Taking the bronze on the day was Ciara Kinch, Ciara Ni Fhlathartaigh, Orla Hendron and Yvonne Doran of Scott Orwell in a time of 5.52.410.

In the men’s team pursuit; new squad Sports Room Racing impressed in taking the gold medal under the watchful eye of former national coach Frank O’Leary.

Cian Keogh, David O’Sullivan, Mark Smith and Sean Murnane recorded a time of 4.43.70; made all the more impressive considering two of their number are first-year juniors.

Silver went to Arcane CT with a time of 4.48.19; Darragh Zaidan, Marc O’Brien, Ryan Byrne and Sam Gilmore in the quartet.

Sundrive – with Billy Crosbie, Martin Rice, Matthew McCullagh and Sean Curtis – took bronze in a time of 4.48.74.

The final title race of the day, in windy by thankfully dry conditions, was for the keirin titles.

The men’s final was very exciting with arguably the best line-up the event has seen on the track.

Eoin Mullen won from the young Harvey Barnes (East Tyrone) and Eamonn Byrne (Black Line).

Indeed the quality of the field was confirmed by the fact last year’s keirin and sprint champion Mairs was squeezed out into 4th place this time around.

The women’s keirin was won in convincing style by multiple national champion and international rider Robyn Stewart.

She was followed closely for silver and bronze by the Sundrive Track Team duo Eimer McMullen and Sofie Loscher.


Women’s Championship Results

Robyn Stewart tops the women’s keirin podium from the Sundrive pair Eimer McMullan and Sofie Loscher.


Women’s Keirin

  1. Robyn Stewart Billy Bisland Cycles
  2. Eimer McMullan Sundrive Track Team
  3. Sofie Loscher Sundrive Track Team
  4. Susie Mitchell Sundrive Track Team
  5. Autumn Collins TeamTorelli
  6. Grace Irvine Arcane Cycling Team
  7. Melanie Spath Arcane Cycling Team
  8. Deirbhle Ivory Team Torelli
  9. Aisling Conlan Sundrive Track Team
  10. Gill Haverty Arcane Cycling Team
  11. Noreen Mallon Arcane Cycling Team
  12. Lyndsey Bryce Dublin Wheelers


The women’s team pursuit  podium; Sundrive Track Team from Arcane CT and Scott-Orwell.


Women’s Team Pursuit

  1. Deborah Madden, Jennifer Neenan, Sofie Loscher, Susie Mitchell Sundrive Track Team 5.20.891
  2. Emma Desmond, Gill Haverty, Grace Irvine, Melanie Spath Arcane Cycling Team A 5.21.630
  3. Ciara Kinch, Ciara Ni Fhlathartaigh, Orla Hendron, Yvonne Doran Scott Orwell Wheelers A 5.52.410
  4. Agnieszka Samsel, Aideen Keenan, Lyndsey Bryce, Sandra Howard Dublin Wheelers 5.53.568
  5. Deirdre Keogh, Hannah Tilly, Noreen Mallon, Susan Fagan Arcane Cycling Team B 5.55.175


Susie Mitchell and Eimer McMullan top the team sprint standings, from Team Torelli and Sundrive.


Women’s Team Sprint

  1. Eimer McMullan, Susie Mitchell Sundrive Track Team A 35.439
  2. Autumn Collins, Deirbhle Ivory Team Torelli 36.399
  3. Jennifer Neenan, Sofie Loscher Sundrive Track Team B 38.133
  4. Gill Haverty, Melanie Spath Arcane Cycling Team A 39.136
  5. Hannah Tilly, Deirdre Keogh Arcane Cycling Team B 39.914
  6. Aideen Keenan, Lyndsey Bryce Dublin Wheelers A 40.841
  7. Ciara Ni Fhlathartaigh, Orla Hendron Scott Orwell Wheelers A 42.141
  8. Agnieszka Samsel, Sandra Howard Dublin Wheelers B 42.270
  9. Yvonne Doran, Grainne O’Callaghan Scott Orwell Wheelers B 44.231


Men’s Championship Result

Eoin Mullen in the Irish keirin champion’s jersey with Harvey Barnes taking silver and Eamonn Byrne in bronze.


Men’s Keirin

  1. Eoin Mullen Sundrive Track Team
  2. Harvey Barnes East Tyrone Cycling Club
  3. Eamonn Byrne Black Line
  4. Anthony Mairs East Tyrone Cycling Club
  5. Darragh Zaidan Arcane Cycling Team
  6. Billy Crosbie Sundrive Track Team
  7. Marc O Brien Arcane Cycling Team
  8. Ryan Byrne Arcane Cycling Team
  9. Daniel McElroy Scott Orwell Wheelers
  10. Fionn Sheridan Scott Orwell Wheelers
  11. Robert Murphy Sundrive Track Team
  12. Michael Mulcahy Newcastle West Knights


The mean’s team pursuit podium; Sports Room Racing from Arcane Cycling Team and Sundrive.


Men’s Team Pursuit

  1. Cian Keogh, David O’Sullivan, Mark Smith, Sean Murnane The Sports Room Racing 4.43.703
  2. Darragh Zaidan, Marc O’Brien, Ryan Byrne, Sam Gilmore Arcane Cycling Team 4.48.196
  3. Billy Crosbie, Martin Rice, Matthew McCullagh, Sean Curtis Sundrive Track Team A 4.48.746
  4. Daniel McElroy, Dimitri Griffin, Freddie Stevens, Valdis Andersons Scott Orwell Wheelers A 4.57.294
  5. Gwyn O’Murchu, Keith Meghen, Oisin Hogan, Thomas O’Brien Sundrive Track Team C 5.10.048
  6. David Mullin, Francis Halsall, Gerry Dollard, Richard Grant Sundrive Track Team B 5.14.132
  7. Colm Sevastopulo, John Caffrey, Robert Murphy, Thomas Kabs Sundrive Track Team D 5.24.085
  8. David Hearne, Eddie Lynch, Fionn Sheridan, Paul Tierney Scott Orwell Wheelers B 5.35.387


The mean’s team sprint podium; East Tyrone win from Sundrive and Orwell Wheelers.


Men’s Team Sprint

  1. Anthony Mairs, Harvey Barnes, Liam Collins East Tyrone CC 47.010
  2. Oisin Hogan, John Caffrey, Robert Murphy Sundrive Track Team A 50.208
  3. Eddie Lynch, Fionn Sheridan, Valdis Andersons Scott Orwell Wheelers A 51.111
  4. David Mullin, Colm Sevastopulo, Keith Meghen Sundrive Track Team B 51.347
  5. Daniel McElroy, David Hearne, Dimitri Griffin Scott Orwell Wheelers B 51.764
  6. Christopher McCann, Conor McCann, Jason Henry Inspired Cycling 52.487