Ireland win World Cup silver, team pursuiters’ challenge ends

Posted on: December 15th, 2018

The Irish team has taken a silver medal on the second day of competition at the UCI London World Cup. Sprinters Martin Gordon and Eamon Byrne saw off all-comers, except the world champions from Great Britain.


Ireland has won silver in the tandem sprint at the UCI World Cup in London; Martin Gordon and pilot Eamon Byrne in the starring role.

The duo was competing in the tandem B sprint and broke the national record in the flying 200m in qualifying, with a time of 10.313.

In the quarter finals they beat Switzerland and they got past Great Britain in the semi final.

That set up a clash in the final with another Great Britain pairing, world champions Neil Fachie and pilot Matt Rotherham.

While the Irish riders were beaten in the final, they came away with the silver medal. And they can take great encouragement from that performance and their national record.

In the team pursuit, the Irish women on Thursday finished 8th in qualifying and progressed through to the next round.

They raced off against Team Breeze, which is effectively a development line-up within British Cycling.



The Irish women went very close to the national record in qualifying. But that effort perhaps took a bit out of them.

And during their second ride, against Team Breeze, they clocked a time of 4:34.535, just over three seconds slower than their 4:31.762 of Thursday.

However, while they went no further in the competition, they have banked more experience and, crucially, they are getting faster.

Also in action yesterday for Ireland at the World Cup; Chris Burns finished 6th in the C1-3 1km TT in a time of 1.15.709.

But there was no doubting the stars of the day for Ireland; Gordon and Byrne stealing the show.

“It was a great day’s racing, especially in front of the crowd,” said Martin Gordon after the medal-winning ride.

“We’ve pushed the world champions to the line twice now in the last couple of months.

“Yet we’re still in the middle of a training block ahead of the international in January and the Worlds in March.

“We’re over the moon. A lot of people have put their faith in us, but they did that because we worked hard.

“Eamon and I, people call us the Chuckle Brothers because we get on so well. But we get the head down and we buzz off each other.

“Every training session, every day we push each other on, and we’re seeing in increments where it’s paying off. There’s the motivation to keep going for more.”