Glenn Kinning and Asia Bula win tight races at St Columb’s Park

Posted on: October 29th, 2018

Glenn Kinning is the picture of concentration on his way to victory at Columb’s Park in Derry (Photos by Toby Watson)


Glenn Kinning lost time to his main rival early in the men’s cyclocross main event in Derry yesterday but still ran out the winner.

The Kinning Cycles man was down the field, in about eighth place, after the first lap of six. And while his start was sluggish, Thomas Creighton took off like a rocket.

The McConvey Cycles man, who has been in great form of late and took victory last weekend in Belfast, tore into an early lead.

His effort on the opening lap saw him whip around the circuit in 7:49; the only man to break the eight-minute marker.

Next best was Lewis Ferguson of The Bike House, though he was still 15 seconds in arrears.

Eventual winner Kinning was a huge 31 seconds slower than Creighton on the opening lap of what was round six of the Ulster Cyclocross Series.

However, Kinning quickly got into his stride, taking about a couple of seconds out of Creighton on lap two; and nine seconds on the third lap.

But he was still trailing when, on the fourth lap, he made huge ground; taking back 20 seconds on Creighton.

He then put another seven seconds into him Thomas Creighton on lap five to take a clear lead.

On the penultimate lap Kinning held his own and even took another two seconds out of Creighton.

However, Kinning eased back on the final lap and that very nearly let Creighton back into the picture to have a stab at winning.

Kinning’s time around that final lap, 7:50, was eight seconds slower than Creighton’s.

And on the finish line the experienced winner would take it by just two seconds over the reigning Irish junior champion and now first-year U23 rider Creighton.


Top, Asia Bula on her way to victory in the women’s race. Kinning takes the men’s main race win from Creighton just behind.


After the two leaders, the gap back to the best of the rest was bigger. Ferguson took the final podium place, some 1:41 down on Kinning.

Next, in 4th place, came veteran Alan Bingham; the Newry Wheelers man just 20 seconds down on Ferguson.

Dominic McCartan of Apollo CC was next; in 5th just six seconds down on Bingham.

Rounding out the top six, only three seconds later, was Kevin McKinney of Armagh City Cycles.

In the women’s race; the winning scenario was more straightforward and the result more definitive.

Asia Bula of Scott-EuroCycles claimed victory having taken an early lead. And once in front she continued to pull ahead.

Bula raced around the opening lap in a time of 10:15, which was five seconds faster than eventual runner-up Rachel Irvine (The Bike House CC).

Darcey Harkness of Carn Wheelers eventually finished in 3rd place. And by the end of the opening lap she had given away 11 seconds to Bula.

Both Gill Smith (Unattached) and Julie Rea (Phoenix CC) got a better start than Harkness, though she closed the gap and passed them.

Bula was quickest of the field on every lap and her time on the second lap, of 9:57, was the only time any of the women broke the 10-minute mark on the circuit.

In the end she ran out the winner, after 50 minutes of racing, by 38 seconds from Irvine. Next came Harkness a further 40 seconds back.

Smith was in 4th, some 1:49 down on the winner, followed b Rea in 5th on the same time in a blanket finish between the pair.

In the men’s B race, Matthew Sinton (Portadown CC) was the winner after six laps.

He claimed that victory by nine seconds from Mark Johnston of VC Iveagh. And in 3rd came Marty Hendersen (Race WBR) another 17 seconds in arrears.


Sun, Oct 28: Round 6, Ulster Cyclocross Series

St Columb’s Park, Derry

Promoted by Foyle Cycling Club

Men’s A Cyclocross Race

  1. Glenn KINNING Kinning Cycles 54:29
  2. Thomas CREIGHTON McConvey Cycles Espoir 54:31
  3. Lewis FERGUSON The Bike House CC 56:10
  4. Alan BINGHAM Newry Wheelers CC M40 56:30
  5. Dominic MCCARTAN Apollo Cycling Team M40 56:36
  6. Kevin MCKINNEY Armagh City Cyclists 56:39
  7. Christian NACHTIGALL Phoenix CC M40 56:53
  8. Darragh MCCARTER Donegal Bay Cycling Club 57:53
  9. Des WOODS Newry Wheelers CC M50-M60 58:02
  10. Johnny TAYLOR Carn Wheelers M40 59:18
  11. Barry CONVERY Newry Wheelers CC M40 59:22
  12. JJ CONWAY Harps CC M40 1:00:20
  13. Brendan DOHERTY VC Glendale M50-M60 1:00:21
  14. Jason HENRY Inspired Cycling M40 1:00:27
  15. Lee HARVEY Unattached Juniors 1:00:53
  16. Gary SHIELS Newry Wheelers CC M40 1:00:54
  17. Paul-Antoine HAGAN Team Vision Racing Juniors 1:01:08
  18. Kyle FISHER Lakeland Espoir 1:01:49
  19. Sean MCCOURT VC Glendale 1:01:59
  20. Derek FINNEGAN Keevan CC M40 1:01:59
  21. Neil ARMSTRONG Dromara Cycling Club M40 1:02:12
  22. Barry RUSSELL Carn Wheelers M40 1:02:14
  23. Nigel GIBSON Carn Wheelers M40 1:02:16
  24. James MCCOURT Island Wheelers Espoir 1:03:06
  25. Raymond ROCKS Island Wheelers M40 1:03:41
  26. Jack FERGUSON Dromara Cycling Club Espoir 1:03:42


Women’s Race

  1. Asia BULA Scott 50:37
  2. Rachel IRVINE The Bike House CC 51:15
  3. Darcey HARKNESS Carn Wheelers 51:55
  4. Gill SMITH Unattached 52:26
  5. Julie REA Phoenix CC 52:26
  6. Martina HAWKINS Dromara Cycling Club 55:11
  7. Janice HEPBURN Island Wheelers 56:07
  8. Roisin SKEFFINGTON Square Wheels 56:36


Men’s B Race

  1. Matthew SINTON Portadown Cycling Club 55:25
  2. Mark JOHNSTON V.C. Iveagh 55:34
  3. Marty HENDERSON Race WBR 55:51
  4. Colin DEANE Unattached 55:52
  5. Dean LOCKHART Carn Wheelers 55:57
  6. Mark IRVINE The Bike House CC 56:04
  7. William BOYD XMTB 56:10
  8. Michael MCMULLAN Unattached 57:00
  9. Peter HUGHES Armagh City Cyclists 57:40
  10. Colm WATSON VC Glendale 58:12
  11. Christopher ARMSTRONG Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club 58:16
  12. Jonathan DOOEY Mellow Velo 58:27
  13. Paul HAMILTON Dromara Cycling Club 58:36
  14. Brian KELLETT Dromara Cycling Club 58:52
  15. Mark BARTLEY Unattached 59:13
  16. Kieran BYRNE Lakeland 59:15
  17. Peter MCBRIDE Banbridge CC 59:16
  18. Dan BROWN Curran Racing 1:00:08
  19. Neil MCCARTAN Dromore CC 1:00:26
  20. Neil ERVINE Apollo Cycling Team 1:00:28
  21. Donal GALLAGHER Omagh Wheelers Cycling Club 1:00:36
  22. Ciaran CAMPBELL Square Wheels 1:00:45
  23. Trevor COX Four Masters 1:00:52
  24. Brendan KIRK North Down CC 1:01:17
  25. Karl DOLAN Cuchulainn CC 1:01:25