Darragh O’Mahony combines with young French star for team 1-2

Posted on: February 26th, 2018

Darragh O'Mahony Nogent-sur-Oise

Darragh O’Mahony has begun his season in France in recent weeks.  Success has come immediately for him. On the basis of the evidence so far, he looks in great form ahead of the Nations Cup races (Photos by Justine Morizet)


Irish cyclist Darragh O’Mahony in great form for Nogent-sur-Oise


Having last weekend taken the first podium of his time race in France, Darragh O’Mahony has been to the fore again.

The Irish U23 rider was 2nd in the Grand Prix de Châteaudun in the Eure-et-Loir department of northern France.

O’Mahony (21) got across to what would prove to be the winning escape of the day. And with several team mates in the group they set about working over the others.

Théo Nonez, who is in the same Nogent-sur-Oise team as O’Mahony, escaped solo from a long way out.

The French junior road race champion from two years ago, Nonez is a rising star of French cycling. He is currently on the FDJ development programme.


Darragh O'Mahony Nogent-sur-Oise


Once clear yesterday Théo Nonez, above, put his head down out front. He powered to the line with a lone breakaway of over 20km. By the finish line he had a gap of 1:30 over the chasers.

O’Mahony was among them and won the sprint for 2nd place. He adds it to his 3rd place of Grand Prix du Pays d’Aix.

Furthermore, his podium finish of yesterday followed another testing race on Saturday.  He was in the thick of the action and placed 15th.

“Yesterday’s race was on a technical circuit with some short steep climbs and lots of wind,” he said.

“It split on the very first lap. Myself and two teammates rode across to make it 18 at the front,” he said of the breakaway with six of his team present.

“Because of our numbers we were particularly aggressive all day. We wanted to whittle it down.  And eventually when Théo attacked with over 20km to go, he got a gap and held it to the line.

“I then won the group sprint up the climb for 2nd. Still no win for me unfortunately so I’ll keep looking.”

O’Mahony is basing himself in France for the season having won some of the biggest races on the Irish calendar last year.

He is expected to be in the Irish U23 team for the fast-approaching U23 Nations Cup races.


Sun, Feb 25th: Grand Prix de Châteaudun

1 Nonez Théo (Nogent-sur-Oise) 2:54:00
2 O’Mahony Darah (Nogent-sur-Oise) 2:55:30
3 Barroso Romain (Team Peltrax csd) 2:55:30
4 Kerboriou Julien (CG Orléans) 2:55:30
5 Aleksiev Alexander (Paris Cyclisme Olympique) 2:55:30
6 Havot Sébastien (Nogent-sur-Oise) 2:55:30
7 Bideau Ludovic (VS Chartrain) 2:55:30
8 Er Rafai Mohamed (CG Orléans) 2:55:30
9 Perragin Eliott (Guidon Chalettois) 2:55:30
10 Valette Pierre (Team Peltrax csd) 2:55:30