Prendergast & Moriarty lead the way impressively in Newbridge

Posted on: May 19th, 2019
Charlie Prendergast is having a great season; victory in the Newbridge GP the latest in a series of wins since the drop of the flag back in March (Photo: Sean Rowe)

Charlie Prendergast has continued his best season on the bike with another win today; this time at the rescheduled Newbridge GP.

While the race was cancelled earlier in the year, Newbridge Cycling Club got it back on for today, with great racing unfolding.

In the main event Prendergast won in a sprint from a large breakaway group after two groups merged late in the day.

The Castlebar Cycling Club man got the better of Foran CC’s Paul Kennedy and UCD’s Conor Murnane on the line.

While the racing was full of aggression on the opening laps in Kildare, it wasn’t until the fifth lap that the field properly split.

Tom Moriarty wins the A3-Junior Morgan Sparrow Cup
Mark Smith takes the A3-Junior race sprint for 2nd from Michael Hayes

Initially a seven-man move got clear in the main event and though their gap was not huge, it looked for a time like they had it in the bag.

In that initial escape were: Paul Kennedy of Foran CC, Arminas Meskauskas (Carrick Wheelers), Damien Shaw (Strata 3-VeloRevolution), Greg Swinand (Dan Morrissey-MIG-Pactimo), Conor Kissane (Killarney CC), Conor Murnane (UCD Cycling Club) and Aaron Doherty (Bio-FRS).

However, seven riders set off in pursuit of the seven leaders and caught them with less than 5km remaining to the finish line.

In the final gallop for the chequered flag it was Prendergast who got the verdict in a tight-run fight for victory.

Kennedy and Murnane were 2nd and 3rd followed by Mark Quigley (Strata 3-VeloRevolution), Dermot Trulock (Lucan CRC) and Liam Curley (Strata 3-VeloRevolution).

In the A3 race, Tom Moriarty of O’Leary Stone Kanturk took a solo win after getting clear of a five-man breakaway.

Cormac Durnin (right) beats Alan Mackey for victory in the A4 race
Austin O’Hagan takes the A4 sprint for 3rd place from Ramunas Meskauskas Bohermeen CC

Also with him in that move were Mark Smith (Ciclotel Travel YPB), Michael Hayes (Comeragh CC), Sean Barrett (O’Leary Stone Kanturk) and Conor Farrell (Lakeside CC); who filled positions 2nd to 5th in that order.

The A4 race saw two men finish just ahead of the main field; with a very narrow sprint separating the winner from runner-up.

Cormac Durnin (Naas Cycling Club) and Alan Mackey (Rossbury Racing) were the men out front; Durnin just about claiming the win.

And only a few seconds late it was Austin O’Hagan (Lucan CRC) who took the big bunch sprint for 3rd, with Ramunas Meskauskas (Bohermeen CC) in 4th place.

Sun, May 19th: Newbridge GP

Promoted by Newbridge Cycling Club

Kildare Town, Co Kildare

A1-A2 Race

  1. Charles Prendergast Strata 3-VeloRevolution
  2. Paul Kennedy Foran Cycling Club
  3. Conor Murnane UCD Cycling Club
  4. Mark Quigley Strata 3-VeloRevolution
  5. Dermot Trulock Lucan CRC
  6. Liam Curley Strata 3-VeloRevolution

Unplaced A2s

  1. Darren Davitt Slipstream CC
  2. Niall Craven Drogheda Wheelers
  3. Johnny Cahill Newcastle West
  4. Kieran Merriman Waterford RC
  5. Lukas Furman Murphy Surveys Kilcullen
  6. Rhys Kenny Comeragh CC

A3-Junior Morgan Sparrow Cup

  1. Tom Moriarty O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  2. Mark Smith Ciclotel Travel YPB
  3. Michael Hayes Comeragh CC
  4. Sean Barrett O’Leary Stone Kanturk
  5. Conor Farrell Lakeside CC
  6. John Priest Lucan CRC
  7. Jason Howick Bray Wheelers
  8. Richard Becton Drogheda Wheelers

Unplaced A3

  1. Aaron Dillon Comeragh CC

Leading Woman

  1. Grace Young Strata 3-VeloRevolution

A4 Race

  1. Cormac Durnin Naas Cycling Club
  2. Alan Mackey Rossbury Racing
  3. Austin O’Hagan Lucan CRC
  4. Ramunas Meskauskas Bohermeen CC
  5. Alexandru Lazarciuc Unattached
  6. Sheamus Caffrey Skane Wheelers
  7. Neil Doyle Rossbury Racing
  8. Gergely Garamvolgyi EPIC MTB

Leading Woman

  1. Monica Marconi Scott Orwell