Video: The most Irish, hillarious reaction ever to a bike crash

Posted on: January 16th, 2017

He face-planted the ground, but his reaction and that of his buddy doing the filming is hilarious.


On the face of it (pun intended) the incident in the clip below is nothing to laugh about. But that didn’t stop the man doing the filming, or indeed the injured party.

The clip was posted by Bike Park Ireland and it was on its ‘Red Jump Trail’ – at Fairymount Farm, Ballingarry, Roscrea, Co Tipperary – that the mishap occurred.

Cleary looking to get some clips to impress their mates, the cyclist takes a small jump badly wrong and goes straight over the handlebars.

He face-plants the ground and slides along the deck headfirst; thankfully his good looks and teeth were saved by his full-face helmet.

He utters the most Irish of Irish expletives for times of crisis, while his buddy expertly keeps the camera rolling and tracks, not only the approach, but also the fall and the face-slide.

It takes a nanosecond to assess whether any real damage has been done. And when it’s clear the faller is reasonably OK, the cameraman lets rip with the most infectious laugh ever.

They get so carried away with the hilarity of it all that the camera man has to hurry his injured buddy along and away from the trail for fear of being taken out by the next rider down. (Continue reading below video)

Reaction of crasher and filmer both deadly

The man behind the camera was Rob Dalton, from Nenagh, and the crash victim was his brother-in-law Stephen Carey who was home from Poland for a Christmas holiday.

“To celebrate his 32nd birthday we decided to spend a day in Bike Park Ireland,” Rob told stickybottle.

“It was our first time there and the first time ever attempting something like this!

“I went ahead down a red trail and the lads were reluctant to give it a go but the fear of a slagging forced them to follow.

“But half way down I hid in the trees and took out the camera; it was the first time it was out all day.

“I knew Stephen would try something when he saw me but didn’t expect him to make such a mess of it!

“Once I saw he was OK I couldn’t help laugh at how he fell. I think we laughed all night in the pub afterwards and it made the day.

“All credit to Stephen because afterwards he attempted a black slope again to avoid the slagging!”

This is funny on every level and is currently looking like it’s going to go viral; it’s well, well worth a look.

Well done lads and thanks for sharing!