Video: Lunatic ride down mountain; one wrong move and it’s all over

Posted on: October 13th, 2016

Between skimming trees at breakneck speed and jumps like this – you won’t see an effort like this one too often. This really is great stuff.


We’re brought you no shortage of harum scarum clips the last few years, but this one really cranks up the awesomeness.

The event was the Redbull Hardline in Wales last month on a course created by Dan Atherton.

And this clip features the man himself lashing down the mountain for what was an absolutely sensational ride.

As you can hear from his breathing, he pushed so hard the whole way down and he absolutely nails the jumps.

Scariest for us was the two of three tress right in the middle of the track at one point.

But Atherton didn’t miss a beat or ease back for a second. And he even popped a great wheelie at the end.

Do yourself a favour and sit back and take his in. Mr Atherton, we salute you.


This is awesome