McKee, MacManus in class of their own at National MTB Champs

Posted on: July 22nd, 2018

Banbridge CC man Gareth McKee has taken another MTB Irish title, claiming elite men’s gold by a very clear margin in Co Down (Photo: Sean Rowe)


Gareth McKee & Ciara MacManus win Irish MTB Champs


Gareth McKee (Banbridge CC) and Ciara MacManus (Summit Mountain Biking) were clear winners of the elite titles at the MTB XCO National Championships in Co Down yesterday.

They both had minutes to spare at the end of their victorious rides in Castlewellan Forest Park.

McKee ran out the winner, again, from team mate Roger Aiken by just out four minutes. And 23 seconds behind in the bronze medal position was Chris McGlinchey.

Chainreaction Cycles man McGlinchey has been away from the road scene this year after taking time out to travel.

The former top downhill rider was 2nd in the national road race championships last year and has now taken an off road championships medal.

But the day belonged to McKee; a surprise omission from the Commonwealth Games team early in the year but selected for the upcoming Europeans.

McKee got off to a blistering start on the first lap of six yesterday, putting a minute or more into most of his rivals.

Closest to him on that opening lap was McGlinchey, but even he gave away 37 seconds to the flying leader.

The eventual runner-up Aiken started more slowly, giving away 1:14 to McKee on the first circuit.

But from there on, McKee simply continued to pull away. Aiken retained his pace and even quickened a little as the laps went on and as others slowed.

But once McKee got in front it looked like there was only going to be one outcome, and so it came to pass.

In the women’s event, which was over four laps, Ciara MacManus also stormed into an early lead.

Niamh McKiverigan (Powerhouse Sport) would end the race in 2nd place, 4:02 down. And Leah McCarthy (Team Giant Dublin) took bronze.

MacManus put over a minute into McKiverigan on the opening lap; 1:11 to be precise. And she continued in that mode for the rest of the race.


Sun, July 22: MTB  XCO National Champs

Castlewellan Forest Park, Co Down

Banbridge Cycling Club

Elite Men’s Race

  1. McKee, Gareth Banbridge CC 1:32:16
  2. Aiken, Roger Banbridge CC 1:36:24
  3. McGlinchey, Christopher Chain Reaction Cycles 1:36:47
  4. Boyd, Graham McConvey Cycles 1:38:17
  5. Davis, Niall 1:38:24
  6. Moore, Darnell Team Caldwell Cycles 1:39:42
  7. O’Reilly, Paul UCD Cycling Club 1:47:25
  8. Fyffe, Angus Team Caldwell Cycles 1:49:22
  9. McIntyre, Sean Team Caldwell Cycles -1 lap
  10. Boyle, Jonathan Team Cavan Racing -1 lap
  11. Moore, Calvin Team Caldwell Cycles -1 lap
  12. McCourt, James Island Wheelers -1 lap
  13. Boyd, William XMTB -1 lap
  14. Smyth, Graham Dromara Cycling Club -1 lap
  15. Lattimore, James South Dublin CC -2 laps
  16. Cameron, Chris Kinning Cycles -2 laps
  • DNF Conroy, David Scott


Elite Women’s Race

  1. MacManus, Ciara Summit Mountain Biking 1:17:57
  2. McKiverigan, Niamh Powerhouse Sport 1:21:59
  3. McCarthy, Leah Team Giant Dublin 1:35:26
  4. McGreen, Niamh MTB Assoc of Dublin -1 lap
  5. Broome, Wannita Dromara Cycling Club -1 lap
  6. Aiken, Ruth Banbridge CC -1 lap
  7. Convey, Emma Scott Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club -1 lap
  8. Frenzel, Katrin Galway MTB -1 lap
  • DNF Smyth, Angela Apollo Cycling Team


Junior Men’s Race

  1. Creighton, Thomas McConvey Cycles 1:19:01
  2. Harvey, Lee Un-Attached Ulster 1:21:53
  3. Byrne, Harry EPIC MTB / Expert Cycles 1:22:32
  4. McGarr, Adam 1:23:07
  5. Kurensky, Nathan Cunga CC 1:28:10
  6. Gordon, Andrew Ballymoney CC -1 lap


Masters 30 Race

  1. Kellett, Barry Dromara Cycling Club 1:22:25
  2. Caldwell, Paul EPIC MTB / Expert Cycles 1:24:29
  3. Mullen, Colm Team WORC 1:25:26
  4. Featherstone, Sean Newry Wheelers CC 1:27:37
  5. Robinson, Geoffrey Bray Wheelers 1:28:04
  6. Campbell, Christopher EPIC MTB / Expert Cycles 1:29:42
  7. McRoberts, Johnny Banbridge CC 1:31:01
  8. Felle, Richard Team WORC 1:32:47
  9. O’Neill, David Velo Club Balrothery 1:33:29
  10. Askin, David IMBRC 1:41:12
  11. Clarke, Michael Shimna Wheelers Cycling Club -1 lap
  • DNF O’Shaughnessy, Raymond Cuchulainn CC
  • DNF McElwee, Brian Un-Attached Leinster


Masters 40 Race

  1. Steele, Brian Shimna Wheelers Cycling Club 1:04:32
  2. Campbell, Conor Newry Wheelers CC 1:07:17
  3. McGarvey, Colm EPIC MTB / Expert Cycles 1:08:57
  4. Evans, Derrick South-East Road Club 1:09:47
  5. Doherty, Brendan VC Glendale 1:10:04
  6. Fitzsimon, Vinnie Team WORC 1:11:05
  7. Sheils, Gary Newry Wheelers CC 1:11:39
  8. Maitland, Scott Killinchy Cycling Club 1:11:44
  9. Dardis, Michael EPIC MTB / Expert Cycles 1:12:09
  10. O’Sullivan, Ronan Team Giant Dublin 1:12:24
  11. McSweeney, Billy Killarney Cycling Club 1:13:38
  12. Clogher, Alan Oldcastle CC 1:14:21
  13. McLoughlin, Paul Un-Attached Leinster 1:14:35
  14. Daly, Paddy Scott 1:14:36
  15. O Tuathail, Seán Bray Wheelers 1:15:58
  16. Russell, Barry Carn Wheelers 1:16:25
  17. Scullion, Sean Island Wheelers 1:16:34
  18. Close, Richard Scott 1:17:59
  19. Harvey, Mark Un-Attached Ulster 1:18:12
  20. Clarke, Raymond Un-Attached Munster 1:21:40
  21. McCarthy, Brian MBCC 1:22:22
  22. Suckling, Stuart Maryland Wheelers 1:23:11
  23. Smyth, Robert Apollo Cycling Team 1:23:42
  24. Booth, Adrian Dromara Cycling Club 1:25:37
  25. Cowan, Richard Dromara Cycling Club 1:33:29
  26. Faloon, Mark XMTB -1 lap
  27. Armstrong, David Neil Dromara Cycling Club -1 lap
  28. Faloon, Richard XMTB -1 lap
  29. McGann, Darren West Coast Wheelers -1 lap
  • DNF Garvey, Shane Cuchulainn CC
  • DNF Hamilton, Paul Dromara Cycling Club
  • DNF Balfe, Ronan MTB Assoc of Dublin
  • DNF Hynes, PJ Cuchulainn CC
  • DNF Mason, Kohn STRATA3-VeloRevolution Racing Team
  • DNF Neill, David Shelbourne Orchard CC


Masters 50 Race

  1. Buggle, Peter Un-Attached Leinster 1:05:07
  2. McDonald, Aiden Cuchulainn CC 1:07:13
  3. Doris, John EPIC MTB / Expert Cycles 1:08:52
  4. Jordan, Michael CSS Tallaght Wheelers 1:10:11
  5. Lawless, David Team WORC 1:11:53
  6. Hegarty, Dominick IMBRC 1:16:39
  7. Davison, Robert Dromara Cycling Club -1 lap

For underage results and split times for all races please follow this link.