Videos: Nervous Brailsford difficult to watch in these TV interviews

Posted on: January 10th, 2017

Dave Brailsford was far from his usual assured self when he faced though questions in front of TV reporters at a team media day, as these videos show.


Dave Brailsford went in front of the TV cameras at a team day today and faced questions about the Bradley Wiggins TUEs, the ongoing inquiry into the jiffy bag delivered to the team in 2011 and his relationship with current team leader Chris Froome.

In recent days Froome stopped well short of expressing confidence in Brailsford when speaking to the press and today Brailsford was similarly side-stepped questions about whether he enjoyed Froome’s full confidence.

Much of the clips below are difficult to watch, with Brailsford insisting throughout that success in the period ahead was the barometer by which the team would be judged.

He moved his hands about a lot, only serving to emphasise his discomfort, and also paused for short periods to gather his thoughts while sounding quite vague in many segments of the footage.

“It’s easy to get distracted by all of this, it’s in the past,” he said at one point. “And really, for the team, the rest of the team that it’s got nothing to do with; you know, we’re focussed.

“We’ve had a good winter in terms of our planning and all the bits that we enjoy doing; the analysis, the detail, what we’re going to do next year to improve sustain and innovate; what does that all look like.

“And then you come into this phase of the season, which is a brilliant time actually, where everybody’s ready and off we go with all that strategy and planning and actually execute it into performances.

“So in my mind, it might be making a noise out there. But within the team it’s business as usual. We’re very focussed and excited on what we’re doing.”

You can see the full BBC interview by following this link, and there is a segment of this interview in the videos below.

And ITV’s interview – all three short videos – can be seen by following this link. Brailsford perhaps looks the most under pressure in these clips, pausing for periods to think of how he is about to respond.

Time Inc’s interview

One portion of BBC’s interview

Being interviewed by PA Sport

Mash up of several of today’s interviews