Video: Celebrates too wildly and it all goes horribly wrong

Posted on: December 27th, 2016

He celebrated too early and too wildly and messed it up in front of a huge crowd.


British sprinter Mark Rotherham is a very fast man on the track, and he also appreciates the need to give the crowd plenty of what they’ve paid in to see.

Something of a show man, he’s not averse to hamming up a celebration to whip up the atmosphere on the six-day circuit.

But when he threw himself into one such celebration at the recent Amsterdam Six Day, things went pear-shaped pretty quickly.

Rotherham was up against Jeffrey Hoogland in a battle for 3rd place in the sprint competition but with victory looking assured he messed up.

The Briton had such a big gap on last year’s treble European champion that he eased off and began celebrating a little too wildly.

It allowed Dutchman Hoogland in to pip Rotherham on the line and leave him to bury his head in his hands having messed up royally in front of a huge crowd.

Video of the cock-up had only just emerged.


Oh dear!