Video: Two cyclists in crash with Dublin taxi issue bizarre advice

Posted on: July 8th, 2018

Video cyclists crash up over bonnet of Dublin taxi

These two cyclists went up over the bonnet of the taxi. They then issued some very strange advice to other cyclists.


Video cyclists crash up over bonnet of Dublin taxi


The Irish Independent has shared this dashcam clip, below, of two cyclists involved in a collision with a man driving a taxi.

It’s a nasty incident but thankfully there were no reports of serious injury.

The footage, which says was captured on Eglington Rd, south Dublin, is dramatic.

But the really extraordinary (though well-intended) thing about the incident is the advice that one of the cyclists gives in his interview with the journalist.

He said the driver had assisted them in any way he could after the incident. The driver also agreed to take care of the damage to the bikes.

And because of that, the matter would go no further; all sounds reasonable as many incidents are resolved informally.

But then the injured party added if there was a message in this it was for cyclists. They needed to be “extra vigilant”.

This was especially so “when it comes to taxis and buses where people are driving for a living and where attention can sometimes get distracted”.