Video: Tricky corner and race motos wipe out riders in Rwanda

Posted on: January 8th, 2018

Rwanda cycling crash

Rwanda cycling crash: After several crashes involving race vehicles in pro cycling, this clip shows the UCI still has some way to go to improve driving by some of those on international races.


Multiple crashes at same corner in Rwanda cycling race


Footage has emerged after a recent race in Rwanda showing multiple crashes on the same corner. And when a race motorbike stops by the roadside, other riders round the corner and plough into it.

The clip has only just surfaced but it appears it was shot at the recent Tour of Rwanda.

Riders were descending and coming around a bend at the time. The first few riders to get into difficulty simply overshot the corner.

Others who followed them did the same, with some hitting a wall just off the road.

But when two people on a race motorbike stop, apparently to assess the damage, some of the next riders around the bend get into real problems.

They are traveling at high speed and fly off the road, and into the parked motorbike.

The UCI has been under pressure in recent years to improve safety at pro races. And while it has taken steps to limit vehicles around racing riders, it looks like there is more work to be done.