Video: Spanish truck driver goes viral after hammer attack on cyclist

Posted on: November 6th, 2018

This truck driver was recorded by a bystander in a hot-headed dispute with two cyclists, during which a hammer was used.


A Spanish truck driver is under investigation by the police and has lost his job after running after a cyclist with a hammer.

He was recorded during the incident, in which he swung the hammer. The footage has gone viral in Spain.

Reports suggest that two cyclists were unhappy with the way the driver passed them on a road in Pontevedra, Galicia.

The incident occurred at the entrance to a factory where the driver worked. And when the truck and cyclists came to a stop, a confrontation ensued.

In the footage, below, the driver can be seen getting out of his truck and running after one of the cyclists.

He runs off but the driver returns to where his truck is stopped and the other cyclist is standing with bikes.

He kicks one of the bikes out of the way before going at the other cyclist with his hammer.

Despite that cyclist wearing a helmet at the time, he suffered a trauma to his head during the incident. He was later treated in hospital and complaints were filed over the incident.

According to coverage in Spanish newspaper El Pais, the driver was immediately told by the company he worked that he would not be returning.

The driver’s employer said in a statement it rejected the “uncivil and violent” behaviour, adding he would not be welcomed back to work.