Video: Team Sky’s road incident and lecture by cops in Adelaide

Posted on: January 10th, 2018

Video Team Sky pulled over police Adelaide

An amateur cyclist was following Team Sky in Adelaide with his camera recording. He caught the initial incident, the team being pulled over and lectured in full by police.


Video Team Sky pulled over and lectured by Adelaide police


In Adelaide for the Tour Down Under, Team Sky riders were pulled in by police yesterday for a lecture on safe cycling.

It was alleged they had broken a red light and not given way to pedestrians.

And under a safe cycling initiative the Team Sky riders were seen by the police and pulled into the side of the street.

The police officer then gave them an “educational” talk about the rules of the road.

A cyclist out for a ride around Adelaide spotted the team and joined them; sitting at the back of the group.

He had has on-board camera rolling and recorded the full event.

His video, below, shows the incident the police were not happy with. And the video also captures the lecture the officer gave the riders after they were pulled over.

The police officer informed them they had gone through a red light at a pedestrian crossing.

“Now whether or not you are oblivious to the fact that cyclists have the same road rules as drivers you can’t go through a red light,” he said.

“You did stop; all of you stopped initially. But then one or two of you went through. Then the remainder of you went through a pedestrian red light, OK.”

Then the officer asks the Team Sky cyclists: “Were any of you aware it’s an offence to go through a red light, even on your bicycles?”

The riders replied they did indeed know that fact. And the conversation then continues in the clip below.



Before the incident with Team Sky, the South Australia Police said a safe cycling operation was being run to coincide with the Tour Down Under and related races.

It is aimed at ensuring the influx of cyclists into the area does not result in any disregard for road traffic rules.

“The popularity of the TDU sees a rise in cycling among the wider community each year during South Australia’s summer months,” the police statement on the operation said.

“SA Police want to see all road users behave in a responsible appropriate fashion to get home safe at the end of the day.”

Supt Anthony Fioravanti said police hear a lot of complaints about cyclist behaviour.

“In turn we know that they are vulnerable road users who come off second-best when they get in any form of collision,” he said.

“Operation Safe Cycling is focused on the two-wheeled community – both in terms of ensuring they know and obey the laws, but also to protect them from other motorists who need to take care around bike riders.

“We can, and will, enforce the law, but I would plead for all road users to show some basic courtesy and share the roads.