Video: This is what not to do when Irish road racing season starts

Posted on: February 14th, 2017

Thinking of getting physical with your rivals in the peloton? Have a look at this disastrous clip first.


There’s an old saying that ‘rubbing is racing’ – and it is. The odd bit of contact in the bunch as riders battle for position is to be expected.

Just don’t underestimate the level of bike control you need if you are to do a bit of rubbing when the Irish road racing seasons starts shortly.

Take a look at the clip below recorded inside the peloton at cat 3 race in the US recently.

There’s some jostling for position when one rider refuses to yield a little as the space gets tight rounding a right hand turn.

The big rider in blue kit decides he’ll use his size to make space for himself, and to hell with everyone around him.

Bu the instant he makes contact with the rider to his left, it all goes wrong.

For a start his elbow is far too pronounced; there is too much force in it.

All he succeeds in doing is sending the other riders crashing to the tarmac and very nearly wiping out some of the others.

So even if you feel you’re able for a bit of rubbing, think of those around you and don’t be like a bull in a china shop.

Make contact with riders around you as infrequently as you can and don’t try and push them around as forcibly as this.