Video: Lars Boom disqualified for punching rival mid-stage in Norway

Posted on: May 17th, 2018

Video Lars Boom disqualified for punch at Tour Norway

Lars Boom goes boom: The Dutch rider has been thrown off the race after this altercation was captured on TV. It gets pretty nasty, though the rider he hit had no real problem with what happened.


Video Lars Boom disqualified for punch at Tour Norway


A top class rider on his day, Lars Boom has been disqualified from the Tour of Norway after an incident mid-stage.

The LottoNL-Jumbo rider was having words with Sport Vlaanderen’s Preben Van Hecke.

At one point in the clip below Boom nearly falls off when his foot comes out of the pedal today in Norway.

But then he breaks the golden rule of cycling; never take your hands off the bars to strike another rider.

“You cannot punch a rider; particularly not in the face,” one of the commissaries told Norwegian TV.

“It’s not good for the reputation of cycling. He can’t take the law into his own hands. So we have taken the decision of taking him out of the race.”

But Van Hecke saw it differently and he felt Boom’s ejection from the race was over the top.

“Sometimes this happens in a race. He did not hit my face, but in the hip,” he said.

For his own part, Lars Boom said he got angry as he had almost crashed. And he did not think he should be disqualified.

“He was on my wheel and I almost crashed,” Boom explained. “So I got a little hot headed.

“I don’t want to crash, especially when an idiot does something like that.”

Lars Boom (32) is no stranger to controversy, though his last problem was not for a punch.

Last August he let rip with an obscene  hand gesture, which was also caught on TV, when he won a stage at the BinckBank Tour.

He’d been told by his team he was likely not going to the Vuelta. So when he won the stage he lashed out at his team’s management.