Video: Lance Armstrong runs marathon as part of doping ban expires

Posted on: February 20th, 2019

Lance Armstrong marathon

Lance Armstrong started thousands of runners behind but picked off almost all of them as he ran a marathon. Part of his drugs ban has now expired allowing him to compete.


With part of his doping ban now expired, Lance Armstrong has stepped back into competition; taking on a marathon.

The now 47-year-old was in action at the Austin Marathon and performed quite well.

He overcame a recent injury to take to the start line in Austin as a charity chaser; a charity fund-raising runner rather than competing to win.

However, he still clocked a time of 3:02:14, pretty impressive. As a charity chaser, he began some 22 minutes behind the first athletes to start.

However, his time was recorded from crossing the start line to finish. His 22 minute handicap not included meaning his actual time was 3:02:14.



During the run he put in a strong effort to pass 2,594 runners and cross the line in 58th place. Lance Armstrong also raised $5,000 in the process for the charities who benefit from the event.

He first ran a marathon in 2006, long before his doping was exposed and he fell from grace losing his seven Tour de France titles.

Back then he ran the New York marathon in 2:59:36 but ran 2:46:43 a year later in the same event.

Armstrong remains banned for life from sanctioned cycling events. However, one element of his dope-related ban expired in August, 2016.

And that means he is allowed to compete in some Olympic sport races, which he was previously banned from for four years from 2012.

He can now compete in a sanctioned event at a national or regional level in a sport other than cycling that does not qualify him to compete in a national championships or international event.