Video: Izagirre brothers in heavy crash on bridge in cyclocross race

Posted on: January 7th, 2019

Video Izagirre brothers cyclocross crash

Now Astana riders, the Izagirres suffered a nasty high-speed crash on a stone bridge during a cyclocross race in their home country.


In something of a repeat of last year’s crash that took down both in Paris-Nice, the Izagirre brothers have crashed hard in a cyclocross race.

They are preparing for their first season with Astana on the road but were riding the CX Ormaiztegi in the Basque Country at the weekend.

And having come onto a bridge, made from brick, too quickly; both of them fell hard.

Gorka Izagirre arrived at the bridge first and a combination of his speed and the change of surface resulted in his fall.

He hit the wall of the narrow bridge to his left and slid along it for a short distance. Unfortunately his brother Ion was just behind.

And with nowhere left to go but onto the bridge, also at speed, he too came down. Gorka needed a number of stitches to his face and Ion was also left shaken.

However, luckily for them and their new team, Astana has reported that neither was seriously injured.

“Despite a hard crash during a cyclocross race today, Ion and Gorka Izagirre are not seriously injured,” the team confirmed.

“Gorka only has four stitches in his eyebrow, but this won’t affect his start of the season.”

A look at the clip of the crash, below, shows they were lucky to walk away from it. This could have been much worse for both.