Video: Inside Orica-GreenEdge as their bus becomes centre stage at the Tour de France

Posted on: June 30th, 2013


The Australian pro team Orica GreenEdge regularly produces interesting short ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos from the major races they ride.

They’re usually pretty good because of the access the viewer gets and because the team wins a lot of races and is run in what appears to be a relaxed and laid back manner.

On the opening stage of the Tour de France in Corsica yesterday, however, the mood in the camp was anything but laid back.

The team’s bus got jammed under the scaffolding section that runs across the road above the finish line. And the race organisers decided to move the finish to the 3km to go banner when efforts to remove the bus were not successful.

When it was finally moved, the riders were well inside the last 10km and the race organisers then decided to reinstate the original finish line. The speed and chopping and changing caused havoc in the bunch and there were a number of heavy crashes.

In this film we can see inside the team cars carrying team managers Matt White and Neil Stephens as busgate unfolds…….


The Orica GreenEdge bus stuck at the finish line in Bastia on yesterday’s opening stage of the Tour de France