Video: Crash caused as TV helicopter gets too close to Vuelta riders

Posted on: August 31st, 2018

The Vuelta helicopter got too close and blew control barriers into some riders as they finished yesterday’s stage.


A number of riders crashed at the finish of yesterday’s Vuelta stage due to a combination of the TV helicopter and loose crowd control barriers.

The chopper was flying close enough to the rides to create a breeze on the ground; problem enough at a bike race.

However, there was also a section of plastic crowd control barriers in the finishing area.

And when the downwind from the Vuelta helicopter caught the barriers, it moved them in a line into the road as the riders were finishing.

As a result, a number of riders crashed; some of them looking very displeased after such a long stage.

The other cyclists around them who managed to stop could be seen gazing up at the helicopter to see what was going on.

More to follow.