Video: Evo Pro Racing pulls off brilliant save after nasty crash

Posted on: February 17th, 2019

Professional bike handling was really on display during this crash in race action; some riders hitting the deck hard but others reacting with lightening speed to avoid it.


Having enjoyed a fantastic start to the season during their stint racing in Australia and New Zealand, the Evo Pro Racing squad also had its fair share of drama.

And this incident during the fourth stage of the Herald Sun Tour was one they were luck to emerge from unscathed.

The Irish team’s Dutch sprinter Wouter Wippert was in the group when a number of riders fell just in front of him.

But as the bikes and bodies were sent flying into the field to the riders’ right, Wippert expertly picked a line to safety.

He immediately went off road and through some of the carnage to get back on track very quickly. Others were not so lucky had the baked earth pretty hard.

The Oliver’s Real Food Continental team had a bike-mounted camera on one of its riders and he caught the action on film.

Given the speed the pros rider at, and how tightly packed the groups are in professional races, missing a crash like this right in front of you is easier said than done.


Wouter Wippert crash save