Video: Dublin driver’s instant karma after close-passing cyclist

Posted on: November 4th, 2017

Video Dublin driver's instant karma after close-passing cyclist

This van, towing another vehicle in the dark, was caught on camera close passing this cyclist in Dublin. But the cyclist didn’t have to wait too long to see some justice served up.


Dublin driver’s instant karma after close-passing cyclist


Irish cyclists have been looking on in envy lately at the roll out by police in Britain and the North of close-pass operations.

It’s taking the Irish Department of Justice a long time to get with the programme. That means clamping down on the close-passing of cyclists by motorists hasn’t really begun in the Republic yet.

But in south west Dublin last Friday evening, a Garda car happened to be in the right place at the right time.

As the clip below shows, a motorist close-passed a cyclist with a mounted camera.

And not only was the pass too close for comfort, but the driver in question was towing another vehicle, and doing so in the dark.

No sooner had the van and car in tow passed the cyclist than a Garda car was on their tail.

It was a nice case of instant karma, and all captured on video.