Video: Dublin cyclist unhappy at being sat on during commute sparks debate

Posted on: June 17th, 2019

Drafting during commute cycling: Have you sat on someone (drafted) during your commute or had it done to you? Does it annoy you or don’t you care? One woman rode past a male cyclist twice on her commute before he jumped into her slipstream, much to her annoyance.

A cyclist who shared footage of being sat on during her morning commute has sparked debate online about the practice (problem?).

Sarah McDonagh was annoyed at passing a male cyclist twice on her morning commute in Dublin before the man she passed then jumped in behind her.

The video – below – is rough enough, showing McDonagh’s shadow on the road and another cyclist sitting behind her, taking a draft in out of the breeze.

McDonagh pointed out she was not annoyed simply because she was being drafted.

Instead, she felt the man had jumped into her slipstream in an aggressive manner in response to her overtaking him.

However, she was so annoyed by him she decided to post the clip on Twitter. And she has generated plenty of debate.

It seems Sarah McDonagh is not the only commuting cyclist not wild about other cyclists jumping in behind them to take a draft.

Some of those who replied wondered what the fuss was all about, but most understood her annoyance and were in agreement with her.

Those who replied said they had gone through a similar experience. They spoke to trying to drop “wheel suckers” or suggested waving him through or even getting a backward facing camera to record him.

“It freaks me out when people do this,” said one cyclist who replied.

Another commented: “What I do when I get unwelcome or annoying slipstreaming is I sit up, move out, and look at them. Invite them to move ahead if they want. If not, then I invite them to go away.”

One other cyclist said: “This happens to me a lot too. You end up spending an age trying to shake them off your wheel; whether by outpacing or slowing to force them to either overtake or back right off. Some people love a free ride.”

Another suggested turning the tables on drafters: “I’ve pulled in off the road when this has happened to me before. So frustrating to pass someone only to have them suddenly speed up and tuck in front. I’ve stopped passing a second time and taken the draft and let them sweat it out.”

We’ll leave the last word to a racing man, who said: “Think that’s bad? You should see A4 racing! Drop him on the crosswind section!”

The incident…